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Model Colony is one of the neighbourhoods (situated in the outskirts of the main city) of Malir Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.[1]

There are several ethnic groups in Malir Town including Urdu speakers, Punjabis, Sindhis, Kutchi, Kashmiris, Seraikis, Pakhtuns, Balochs, Memons, Bohras, Ismailis. Over 98% of the population is Muslim including Ahmadiyya Community and 2% Christians and Hindus. The population of Malir Town is estimated to be nearly one million.

Model Colony is located due north-east of Jinnah International Airport, which is Karachi's international airport, at about a distance of two miles. Other important buildings in the vicinity are the Security Press, which is Pakistan's mint, and the SOS village housing about 200 orphans.

According to local folklore, Model Colony was envisioned by Fatima Jinnah, the sister of Pakistan's founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. She asked a renowned town planner, Mr. Makki, to lay out a plan for a 'Model Muhajir Colony'. Since then it had been a favorite residential area for Karachi's elite until the mid-1980s. The colony has seen sustained deterioration as a result of increased population and ethnic riots that were at their peak from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s.

Notable food shops include; Lee Broast, Student Biryani, King Broast, Karachi Ice-cream, Peshawari Ice-cream, Pizza Max and lots of local restaurants. Notable coaching centers for students are AdamJee Coaching Center, Career Coaching, Student care coaching center, The professors academy, Suroor Zafar's Commerce Academy, Zas College for arts and textile also is the best institute for student in Model Colony. Allama Iqbal Govt College is The biggest college in Model Colony.

Noble Academics[edit]

Noble Academics is one of jewel academic in the town. It is located on main Jinnah Avenue road.

Notable institutions of Model Colony are My Little World School, Beacon Askari School, The Educator School, Smart School, Faryal School, Arman School, CDGK Hospital, Shiraz Hospital,Qurqt-ul-ain Hospital, Jama Masjid Abu-Bakar (near Al-Fazal), Madina Masjid, Amin Masjid of Main Road, Famous Mehran Bus Depot now Bhittai Rangers Headquarter, Nadeem Hotel Moinabad, Sitara Bakery, Peelay Flats (Yellow Flats) near Moinabad and Warsi Masjid, Quaid Park Moinabad. A small park called Gol(round) Ground has also played an important role in the social life of Model Colony residents, Nishterabad Society Near Faryal School. Although some improvement has taken place since 2000, the colony still suffers greatly from water and power shortages, a lack of a modern sewerage system, as well as a lack of a garbage removal system.

Lately after the formation of local body government system back in 2000 in the country there has been good progress on sewerage system and road network and now approximately 85% of the houses in the colony have access to the sewerage system now.

Jauhar Scouts Open Group is a registered Scouts Group from Pakistan Boy Scouts Association through Sindh Boy Scouts Association and Karachi Open District. It is the only scout group operating since 1970 in this area and engage in 'character building' of boys as Boy Scouts. Currently the camp office of Jauhar Scouts is located behind the Medina Masjid at Mr. Javed Pasha's house. the vice principal of PSCC).

Notable residents[edit]

Some prominent personalities (Stars, Celebrities etc.) which have been living here :-

Tanweer Wasti known as Tanweer Riaz(senior journalist<fiction and Drama writer)


Coordinates: 24°54′16″N 67°11′15″E / 24.904577°N 67.187405°E / 24.904577; 67.187405