Montenegrin Ground Army

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Montenegrin Ground Army
Kopnena vojska Crne Gore
Emblem of the Montenegrin Ground Army
TypeGround army
RoleGround warfare
Size1,500; reserve 4,500
CommanderColonel Dragutin Dakić
Commander in chiefFilip Vujanović
MinisterMilica Pejanović Đurišić

Montenegrin Ground Army (Montenegrin: Kopnena vojska Crne Gore) is the primary component of Military of Montenegro.

Montenegrin Army[edit]

The fundamental role and purpose of the Montenegrin Army is to protect vital national interests of Montenegro and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state.


Ground Army[edit]

Weapon Country Manufactured Cartridge Quantity Pictures Notes
Glock 17[1]  Austria 9×19mm Glock 17 2nd Gen.jpg Standard Gun of Montenegrin Military
Zastava CZ 99  Yugoslavia/ Serbia 9×19mm Crvena Zastava 99.jpg Standard Gun of Montenegrin Military
Tara TM9  Montenegro 9×19mm Standard Gun of Montenegrin Military(Produced in Montenegro)
Assault Rifles
Zastava M59/66  Yugoslavia 7.62×39mm Yugoslavian SKS M59 66.JPG Ceremonial rifle
G36  Germany 5.56×45mm NATO 800px-G36bw.jpg Standard rifle of Montenegrin Military
Steyr AUG  Austria 5.56×45mm NATO AUG A1 508mm 04.jpg Used by Special Forces
Heckler & Koch HK416  Germany 5.56×45mm NATO HK416.jpg Used by Special Forces
Tara TM4  Montenegro 5.56×45mm NATO Used by special forces(soon in the all branches)
Zastava M70/M70A  Yugoslavia/ Serbia 7.62×39mm Zastava M-70.jpg In reserve
Submachine guns
H&K MP5  Germany 9×19mm Parabellum MP5t.png Used by Special Forces
Sniper Rifles
Heckler & Koch PSG1  Germany 7.62×51mm NATO PSG1 and MSG 90.jpg In service
Zastava M93 Black Arrow  FR Yugoslavia/ Serbia 12.7×108mm Sniper Zastava M93.jpg In service
Zastava M76  Yugoslavia/ Serbia 7.92×57mm Zastava-M76-Full.jpg In reserve
Zastava M91  FR Yugoslavia/ Serbia 7.62×54mmR Sniper Zastava M91.jpg In reserve
Machine Guns
Zastava M84  Yugoslavia/ Serbia 7.62×54mmR Zastava M84.jpg In service
Zastava M72  Yugoslavia/ Serbia 7.62×39mm M72B1.jpg In service
Grenade launcher
BGA 30mm  Serbia 30mm Zastava BGA 30mm 01.jpg In service
Heckler & Koch AG36  Germany 40mm GewehrAG36.jpg In service
M79 "Osa"  Yugoslavia 90mm rocket M79-OSA.jpg In service, planned to buy new MANPATS
M80 "Zolja"  Yugoslavia 64mm rocket Zolja1.jpg In service, planned to buy new MANPATS
9M14 Malyutka  Soviet Union/ Yugoslavia 64mm rocket Malyutka.JPG In service
M57 mortar  Yugoslavia 60mm Минобацач М57 60мм.jpg In service
M69 mortar  Yugoslavia 82mm 44 Минобацач М69 82мм.jpg In service
M74/M75 mortar  Yugoslavia 120mm 32 Mortar 120 mm M-75 Croatian Army.JPG In service
D-30J 122 mm  Soviet Union 122 mm 12 Military Montenegro 23.jpg In service
M-94 Plamen-S  Yugoslavia 128 mm 18 M94 Plamen S 128mm 1.jpg In service
Armoured personnel carrier
BOV VP М86  Yugoslavia BOVM86MNE.JPG In service
Achleitner RCV Survivor  Austria 4 RCVSURVIVORMNE.JPG In service, planned to buy another 26 vehicles.
LAPV Enok  Germany 6 Bundeswehr LAPV Enok.png Upcoming donation from Bundeswehr
Otokar Cobra  Turkey 1 Nuclear, Biological,Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle.
Tank destroyer
BOV 1 POLO M-83  Yugoslavia BOV POLO.png In service, armed with 6 AT-3 missiles
Off-road utility vehicle
Achleitner MMV Survivor  Austria/ Japan 16 MMVSURVIVORMNE.jpg In service, planned to buy another 20 vehicles.
Toyota Hilux  Japan EB (15168558335).jpg In service
Puch 300GD
Puch 290D
 Germany/ Austria PUCHMERCEDESGCLASSMNE.jpg In service
Mercedes-Benz G-Class[3]  Germany Mercedes G class - Montenegro Military.jpg In service
Pinzgauer 710  Austria PINZGAUERMNE.jpg In service
Lada Niva 1.5
Lada Niva 1.7
 Russia Lada Niva front 20080228.jpg In service
TAM 110
TAM 130
TAM 150
 Yugoslavia/ Slovenia Military Montenegro In service
FAP 2026
FAP 2226
FAP 1314
 Yugoslavia/ Serbia FAP 2026.jpg In service
Logistics vehicles
IMK TG-110
IMK TG-140
IMK TG-160
IMK TG-190
IMK TG-220
 Yugoslavia Military Montenegro 36.JPG Tracked bulldozer
IMK ULT-160  Yugoslavia Military Montenegro 31.jpg Wheeled bulldozer
CAT 434F  United States CATVCG.png Backhoe loader
Mercedes-Benz Unimog  Germany UNIMOG.JPG Multi-purpose utility vehicle