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Mont Delphy en Eubée centre.JPG
Delphi, the summit of Dirfys
Highest point
Elevation 1,743 m (5,719 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,743 m (5,719 ft) [2]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 38°37′39″N 23°50′34″E / 38.62750°N 23.84278°E / 38.62750; 23.84278Coordinates: 38°37′39″N 23°50′34″E / 38.62750°N 23.84278°E / 38.62750; 23.84278[2]
Dirfi is located in Greece
Location in Greece
Location central Euboea, Greece

Dirfi (Greek: Δίρφη, older form Δίρφυς - Dirfys) is a mountain in the central part of the island of Euboea, Greece. At 1,743 m elevation, it is the highest mountain of Euboea.[1] The Dirfi gave its name to the municipal unit Dirfys. Its summit is 4 km west of Stropones, 5 km north of Steni Dirfyos and 28 km northeast of the city of Chalcis. There are forests on the lower slopes while most of the mountain is covered with grassland. Dirfi's exceptional beauty and mystique was expressed by Michael Nikoletseas in his book Dirfyan Elegy.[3]


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