Mölltaler Polinik

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Mölltaler Polinik
Himmelbauer Obervellach Mölltal 2013 08g.jpg
View from north
Highest point
Elevation 2,784 m (AA) (9,134 ft)
Prominence 1,579 m ↓ Iselsberg Pass
Isolation 10.4 km → Böseck
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 46°53′46″N 13°09′24″E / 46.8960111°N 13.1567111°E / 46.8960111; 13.1567111Coordinates: 46°53′46″N 13°09′24″E / 46.8960111°N 13.1567111°E / 46.8960111; 13.1567111
Mölltaler Polinik is located in Austria
Mölltaler Polinik
Mölltaler Polinik
Location Carinthia, Austria
Parent range High Tauern
Kreuzeck group

The Mölltaler Polinik, at 2,784 m (9,134 ft), is the highest mountain of the Kreuzeck group, a southern part of the High Tauern range in the Austrian state of Carinthia.


Ragga Ravine

The peak rises south of the villages of Flattach and Obervellach in the Möll valley. From Obervellach a footpath leads past the Polinikhaus lodge (1,873 m (6,145 ft), run by Mölltal Section of the Austrian Alpine Club) to the summit.

From Flattach the mountain may be climbed through the 200 m (660 ft) deep Ragga Ravine (Raggaschlucht), a protected natural monument, where a winding boardwalk leads across numerous waterfalls up to the Raggaalm pasture.

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