Mount Catherine

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Mount Catherine
Gabal Katrîne
جبال سانت كترين13.jpg
Highest point
Elevation2,629 m (8,625 ft)[a][2]
Prominence2,404 m (7,887 ft)[2]
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates28°30′42″N 33°57′09″E / 28.51167°N 33.95250°E / 28.51167; 33.95250Coordinates: 28°30′42″N 33°57′09″E / 28.51167°N 33.95250°E / 28.51167; 33.95250[2]
Mount Catherine is located in Egypt
Mount Catherine
Mount Catherine
Location of Mount Catherine in Egypt
LocationSinai Peninsula, Egypt

Mount Catherine (Arabic: جبل كاثرين; Greek: Όρος της Αγίας Αικατερίνης), locally known as Gabal Katrîne, is the highest mountain in Egypt. It is located near the city of Saint Catherine in the South Sinai Governorate.

Mount Catherine rocks

The name is derived from the Christian tradition that angels transported to this mountain the body of the martyred Saint Catherine of Alexandria.



On the north of Mount Catherine, archaeologists uncovered a cave with paintings of people and animals in red pigment dates back to the Chalcolithic Period, circa 5th–4th millennium BCE in January of 2020.  According to John Darnell, red painted images are not as common as engraved images and text. The painting resembling a camel shows that at least some of the graffiti is not older than the first millennium BC and may belong to later period. The cave was filled with graffiti from different periods over time.[3]

Nomad on Mount Catherine.

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  1. ^ An elevation from an older survey (2,642 m) is sometimes given. A more recent survey measured the peak at 2,629 m.[1]


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