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Nancy Ajram video discography
Music videos 25
Commercials 17
Other Videos 9
DVD releases 6

A detailed list of all official video & DVD releases by Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram, including official music videos, commercials, other video works, and their sources. Ajram has a good reception for her videos on YouTube as her videos views on YouTube are over 230 million views.[1] In addition, she is the most viewed artist on YouTube in the Middle East. Her song "Fi hagat" is the first Arabic song to pass 10 million and over 30 million views.

Official Music Videos[edit]

Year Title Album Director Description & Song edits Views on YouTube
1998 "Mihtagalak" Mihtagalak Elie Fghaly Ajram lonely in a Cafe. 1.000.000
2001 "Sheel Ouyounak Anni" Sheel Ouyounak Anni Guy Zahlan Shows the life of a singer stalked by cameras and paparazzi. 500.000
2002 "Akhasmak Ah" Ya Salam... Nadine Labaki Song intro excluded. Nancy's fame debut hit video. Ajram appears as a seductive cafe manager. 3.000.000
2003 "Ya Salam" Ya Salam... Nadine Labaki Part of "Akhasmak Ah" performed at intro. Ajram portrays a star with a sad life inspired from the 1960s. 4.000.000
2003 "Sehr Oyouno" (Yey) Ya Salam... Nadine Labaki Ajram, a Beirut salon hairdresser, is charmed by her lover at first sight. 3.500.000
2004 "Ah w Noss" Ah W Noss Nadine Labaki Egyptian villager who escapes her stalker, the video with Ajram's famous icon of washing clothes by hand. 33.560.000
2004 "Lawn Ouyounak" Ah W Noss Nadine Labaki A sequel to the video of "Yey" where Ajram is now a bride in a traditional Lebanese wedding. Traditional wedding beats and chants added at the beginning of the song. 4.500.000
2005 "Oul Tany Kida" Ah W Noss Luca Tommassini Video made of footage of backstage scenes from Ajram's first Coca-Cola commercial. 4.000.000
2005 "Inta Eih" Ah W Noss Nadine Labaki In this drama, Ajram portrays a sad wife who discovers that her husband is cheating on her with her best friend. Nancy wakes up at dawn and cries in the bathroom recalling events. 17.000.000
2006 "Atabtab" Ya Tabtab..Wa Dallaa Nadine Labaki Ajram is a beggar, part of a little on-the-go circus and entertains as a clown to get money. 3.000.000
2006 "Moegaba" Ya Tabtab..Wa Dallaa Harry Rankin
Mike Lipscombe
Continues Nancy's fourth Coca-Cola commercial with the circus theme. 3.500.000
2006 "Ana Yalli" Ya Tabtab..Wa Dallaa Pascale D'Ash Continues Nancy's first DAMAS Jewellery (Farfasha) commercial. Nancy enters a bored cafe which is brought to life with the discovery of her identity and her new song, in a fun and simple video. 3.200.000
2006 "Ehsas Jdeed" Ya Tabtab..Wa Dallaa Said elMarouk Extended Version. Nancy falls in love with whom she discovers to be a deaf and mute man. 3.000.000
2007 "Elli Kan" Ya Tabtab..Wa Dallaa Diamantino Ferreira Modified ending. Continues Nancy's second DAMAS Farfasha commercial where Nancy is a college student who falls in love with her stalker 2.000.000
2007 "Mishtaga Leik" Ya Tabtab..Wa Dallaa Mirna Khayyat Ajram is a lonely wife of a pilot who is away from home. 2.000.000
2007 "Shakhbat Shakhabit"
(including "Shater", "Eid Milad", "Katkouta")
Shakhbat Shakhabit

[Children's Album]

Said el Marouk Medley of four songs. Ajram is a kindgergarten teacher who tells the story portraying a fairy, mother, and teacher, respectively for each song and the credits. 5.000.000
2008 "Risala Ilal 3alam" Fadi Haddad A fully graphical world with images of sad children where Ajram sings about peace. 1.000.000
2008 "Betfakkar Fi Eih" Betfakar Fi Eih Said elMarouk Nancy with an electric guitar on a clocktower, her date chases their movie tickets all over the city until it's too late. 2.000.000
2008 "Min Dally Nseek" Betfakar Fi Eih Said elMarouk Additional musical intros and outros. Continuing the story of the rich girl who falls in love with the poor and deaf man in "Ehsas Jdeed", we step into their lives as a married couple with their ups and downs, and Nancy is in for a surprise about her husband. 6.000.000
2009 "Lamset Eed" Betfakar Fi Eih Leila Kanaan Extended Version. In a short-movie drama in times of war, Nancy plays the role of a lady separated from her lover, a resistance leader, who helps him by transmitting secret information about the enemy. 4.000.000
2009 "Ibn elGiran" Betfakar Fi Eih Mike Harris Music video version. Nancy walks around in her old neighborhood. 10.000.000
2009 "Mashi Haddi" Betfakar Fi Eih Leila Kenaan In a strange, colorful world, Nancy is annoyed by her self-obsessed boyfriend who flirts with women everywhere; yet, she always manages to give him reason to regret it. 19.000.000
2010 "Noss elKawn" Betfakar Fi Eih Yehia Saade—cancelled--
2010 "Shaggaa' Be Alamak" (Wavin' Flag)
(with K'Naan)
single Codirector:
Leila Kenaan
Nancy performs in Arabic with K'Naan in the official 2010 FIFA World Cup Coke song 8.000.000
2010 "Fi Hagat" 7 Nadine Labaki Nancy portrays a wife who experiences a cold, distant marriage, suffering as she hides her feelings 35.000.000
2011 "Sheikh el Shabab" 7 Leila Kenaan Nancy lives in a village resort with her grandmother, portraying a brat that always sneaks at the guys who visit 8.000.000
2011 "Ya Kether" 7 20.000.000
2014 "Ma Tegi Hena" #8 Joe Bou Eid Nancy is a watermelon merchant that gets in trouble with a local policeman 58,900,000

TV Commercials[edit]

Year Song, edits used, length Album Brand name Director Theme and/or brief Description
2005 "Oul Tany Kida" [Coke Remix], 1min Original Ah W Noss Coca-Cola Luca Tommassini "Concert". Nancy is bored in a cafe and Coke brings the cafe alive to a concert.
Instrumental (Cafe Only) -30sec Instrumental Edit, Coke Beats only in the Cafe (no stage), ending with Nancy's Laugh.
Concert Only -30sec Concert Edit, Nancy only appears on stage throughout the commercial.
"Lawn 3younak", [Instrumental], 30/15sec Tickle Harry Rankin "Tickle", "Tickle Your Fancy". Nancy laughs as she is tickled by Coca-Cola Fizz"
Splash "Splash", "Munroe". A stranger splashes ice into Coke, and every time Nancy's dress flies up for photographers in the famous Marilyn Monroe portrait.
2006 Wink "Wink"
2005 "Moegaba", [Coke edit], 1min Atabtab Mike Lipscombe "Circus". Audience watch as the magician performs, but then the hero performs a more impressive magical trick giving Nancy the Coke. The circus explodes with life with a Nancy concert and performance much inspired by Moulin Rouge or Cirque Du Soleil.
2006 "Ana Yalli", 1min DAMAS Jewellery (Farfasha),

World Gold Council

Pascale D'ash Fun, beauty and simplicity. Nancy enters a bored cafe which is brought to life as her identity is revealed and the new song played.
"Ashtiki Minno" [Coke edit], 30sec Coca-Cola "Coke Bottle" The Coke bottle's curves match Ajram's as she dances.
2007 "Elli Kan", 1min DAMAS Jewellery (Farfasha),

World Gold Council

Diamantino Ferreira Love and beauty. Ajram's stalker buys her the jewellery he's seen her try out.
"ElDonya Helwa", [Coke edit], 1min Single Coca-Cola The Coca-Cola Side of Life. Flying colors brighen up the world as Nancy hands out Coke to everyone.
2008 "Noss elKawn", 35sec Original Betfakkar Fi Eih Manfredo Leteo "Celebrating","Star". Nancy hosts a celebration with Coke and her brand new hit.
Acapella "Playful","Cafe","Coke Smile". Nancy teases a kid in a cafe while she enjoys her Coke and makes him laugh.
Instrumental "Thirsty","Rockstar". A tired rockstar is refreshed and energized until the last drop of her Coke can.
"Ibn elGiran" 1 min DAMAS Jewellery (Farfasha),

World Gold Council

Mike Harris Nancy walks around in her old neighborhood
2009 "Wana Ben Idek/ Betfakkar Fi Eih" Original, 45s Sony Ericsson w595i Nancy Ajram Edition Leila Kanaan Nancy and her band appear with the phone's shake control as a guy tries to please his date, changing the mood from romantic to rock.
Version #2, 45s Similar to first version, girl is alone until late date arrives.
Sense Me, 15sec Nancy uses her phone's music to match her mood.
Shake It, 15sec With a little shake of the mobile, Nancy has fun as the songs change.
2010 -none- UNICEF Joe Bou Eid Nancy joins other influential Arab artists in a call for children's rights.
-none- Nestlé Manfredo Leteo Star life theme.
2011 (Vocals only)
"Lessa Gayya" 7 (Nancy Ajram album) Nissan
"Meen Ma Ando" Main, 1960s Damas Jewelry (Farfasha)
Alternates, 15s

Other Video Appearances[edit]

Broadcast performances

  • Mistanniyak, 2007

Nancy's performance in LBC's "Webtada elMeshwar" for Aziza Jalal's Tarab song "Mistanniyyak" aired on Melody as a Nancy clip due to high requests.

  • ElDonya Helwa, 2007

Nancy's performance in MBC's Album of ElDonya Helwa aired on satellite channels instead of a music video for a song, and was featured in her Best Clips DVD.

  • Eftah Albak Tefrah, 2009

Nancy's first public appearance after giving birth to her first daughter - LBC's Miss Lebanon pageant.

  • Baladiyyat, 2009

Nancy's first public appearance after giving birth to her first daughter - LBC's Miss Lebanon pageant.

  • Biteegy Sirtak, 2010

Nancy's performance at MTV Lebanon's anniversary

  • Sallimooly 3aleih, 2010

Nancy's performance at MTV Lebanon's anniversary

Exclusive advertisements

  • Melody Commercial

Nancy did two advertisements for Melody Music Channel after "Akhasmak Ah". In the first one she talks to the viewer explaining about the channel's SMS and song codes and the way to use them. The second is a ringtone ad where the hero is awakened by an "Akhasmak Ah" tone that brings Nancy herself dancing to him until it's over.

  • MBC Album Commercial

Nancy advertised for MBC's star search TV show "Album" along with Rashed alMajed, by encouraging women to participate.

  • Mishtaga Leik Perfume, 30 sec, 2007

Part of Nancy's performance of "Mishtaga Leik" in LBC's show "Webtada elMeshwar" was used in the ad for a perfume named after the song - with her approval. The perfume was presented by Mahmoud Saeed and J.Casanova.

Non-official/other music videos

  • Nasseito Garho, 2003

Album: Ya Salam (second video) Director: Sameh Abdel Aziz This video was made for Nancy's Interview with Hala Sarhan in "elHawa Hawana" on Dream TV.

  • Ana Masry, 2005

Nancy's song for Egypt, that was filmed by Mobinil sponsors and not Nancy (which is the reason it isn't considered of her videos). It rather shows Egyptians lipsyncing the lyrics, and the video took by storm the African Cup games that Egypt won.

  • Lebnan Habib elOmr, 2006

Nancy's song for Lebanon. It was released before the 2006 Lebanese war, however the little video of her singing in the studio was released after and for the war.

  • Khalleek Bwejj el Ghadab, 2007

The brave Lebanese army won Nancy's heart in a beautiful song, after the 2007 Naher elBared war.

Appearances with other artists

  • Elha'eni, 2003

Nancy participated along with Joe Ashkar, Haifa Wehbe, Dina Hayek, Yuri Mrakkadi and composer Guy Manoukian. This was the official song for the Lebanese Marathon.

  • La Ma Kholset el Hkaye, 2005

Along with a big list of top Lebanese artists, Nancy sang this song after the assassination of the late Lebanese president Rafiq al Hariri.

  • ElDhameer elArabi, 2008

Ahmed AlArian's brilliant production and sequel to the well-known alHelm alAraby of 1998 (10 years earlier) where Nancy participated along with more than a hundred other artists.

Video nominations and awards[edit]

Year Title Director Survey Result
2003 Ya Salam Nadine Labaki Murex D'or Won
2004 Lawn Ouyounak Nadine Labaki Murex D'or Won
2005 Inta Eih Nadine Labaki Murex D'or Nominated
Egypt Won
2006 Ehsas Jdeed Said elMarouk Murex D'or Won
2007 Shakhbat Shakhabit Said elMarouk Murex D'or Nominated
2008 Min Dally Nseek Said elMarouk Murex D'or Nominated
Melody Hits Charts* Won
2009 Lamset Eed Leila Kenaan Murex D'or Won
Mashi Haddi Leila Kenaan MEMA Awards Nominated
  • Peaks at #1 for a record-breaking seven consecutive weeks

Sources & DVDs[edit]

  • 2004: Live at the Jarash Festival [DVD]
  • 2005: Ma La Ta'arifunahu 3an Nancy Ajram [DVD]
  • 2006: Ah w Noss: Collector's Edition [CD and DVD]
  • 2006: Ya Salam: Collector's Edition [CD and DVD]
  • 2007: Shakhbat Shakhabit [DVD]
  • 2008: The Best of Nancy Clips [DVD]


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