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Neofonie GmbH
Industry Computer software
Consumer electronics
Digital distribution
Computer hardware
IT consulting
Founded Berlin, Germany
Founder Neofonie GmbH
Nurhan Yildirim
Oli Kai Paulus
Headquarters Berlin and Hamburg, Germany
Area served
Key people
Thomas Kitlitschko (Managing Director)
Products See solution listings
Services See services listing
Number of employees
180 (2010)
Subsidiaries List of subsidiaries

Neofonie GmbH is a software company from Germany with offices in Berlin and Hamburg. Neofonie GmbH is a solution and fullservice provider specializing on portals, search, social media, e-publishing and mobile applications.

Neofonie was founded by Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen, Nurhan Yildirim and Oli Kai Paulus. They built the first commercial search engines FIREBALL and PAPERBALL as students at Technical University Berlin before founding Neofonie in 1998. Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen used to be CEO of Neofonie until early 2011.


Neofonie Services including business consulting, creative services, software development, systems integration, application service provisioning and quality assurance.


Neofonie solutions include the WeFind Enterprise Search engine, WeMagazine e-Publishing Open Platform, WeShare social media solution and the semantic search engine Alexandria.


Neofonie subsidiaries include:

  • Neofonie Mobile GmbH specializing in development of mobile apps for devices running iOS, Android, HTML5,Cordova/Phonegap, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.
  • WeFind AG specializing in enterprise search engines
  • DocInsider running a vertical search and recommendation engine for doctors.


Until 2010 Neofonie passed most of its time under the media radar. In April 2010 it came to sudden fame for presenting a competing device to the much ballyhooed Apple iPad.[citation needed] The Neofonie WeTab runs on stronger hardware and uses a combination of MeeGo and Android as operating system. The WeTab was launched in Germany in September 2010.