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Solomon Islands
New Georgia Islands

The New Georgia Islands are part of the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. They are located to the northwest of Guadalcanal. The larger islands are mountainous and covered in rain forest. The main islands are New Georgia, Vella Lavella, Kolombangara (a dormant volcano), Ghizo, Vangunu, Rendova and Tetepare. They are surrounded by coral reefs and includes the largest salt water lagoon in the world: Marovo lagoon.

Another famous location is Kennedy Island where United States President John F. Kennedy spent three days stranded during World War II. Several of the islands were scenes of fighting in the war.

The main towns are Gizo, Munda and Noro. The main industries are forestry and fishing.

One of the smaller New Georgia islands, Ranongga, was lifted three meters (10 ft.) out of the Pacific Ocean by the 2007 Solomon Islands earthquake, causing an expansion of its shoreline by up to 70 meters all around. [1]

The New Georgia languages are spoken on the island of New Georgia.

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Coordinates: 8°30′S 157°20′E / 8.500°S 157.333°E / -8.500; 157.333