Touo language

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Native to Solomon Islands
Region South Rendova Island, Western Province.
Native speakers
1,900 (1999 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 tqu
Glottolog touo1238[2]

The Touo language is spoken over the southern part of Rendova Island, located in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands.

Touo belongs to the Central Solomons group of the Papuan languages. All the surrounding languages to Touo belong to the Oceanic subgroup of the Austronesian language family.

The Touo language is sometimes called the Baniata or Lokuru language, after the largest two villages where the language is spoken. The word Touo comes from the ethnonym that Touo speakers use to refer to themselves.


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  • Paradisec has two collections of Arthur Cappell's materials (AC1, AC2) that include Touo language materials.

Coordinates: 8°35′S 157°18′E / 8.58°S 157.30°E / -8.58; 157.30