Niarbyl, Isle of Man

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Coordinates: 54°9′49.7″N 4°44′24.3″W / 54.163806°N 4.740083°W / 54.163806; -4.740083

View to the south across Niarbyl Bay of the southwest coastline of Isle of Man and Calf of Man.

Niarbyl, which means "the tail" in Manx for the way it extends into the Irish Sea,[1] is a settlement along the southwest coast of Isle of Man (an island between Ireland and Scotland) between Port Erin and Peel. It borders the Irish Sea and is best known for its spectacular sea views which include Calf of Man and, on clear days, include the mountains of Ireland.

Its access road offshoots from the A27 Road at Dalby.

Niarbyl Bay and its surrounds are considered an asset of the Manx National Heritage which oversees the area's preservation as well as the Niarbyl Cafe & Visitor Centre.[1]

One of the fishermans cottages in the settlement was used as Ned Devine's cottage in the 1998 film Waking Ned. In 1968, the same cottage had been used in Nigel Kneale's television adaptation of his book, The Year of the Sex Olympics

The Niarbyl Fault, a geologic fault marking what remains of the now-extinct Iapetus Ocean, is located just down the hill from the cafe.[2]

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