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Nokia Life earlier Ovi Life Tools and Nokia Life Tools, is an SMS based, subscription information service designed for emerging markets which offers a wide range of information services covering healthcare, agriculture, education and entertainment. The service is currently available in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, China and Nigeria. As of April 2011, over 15 million people have experienced NLT services in these four countries. Nokia Life was launched as Mera Nokia, in the state of Maharashtra in India in early 2009.[1] After the successful pilot, a wider commercial deployment of the service under the name Nokia Life Tools began in India in June 2009.[2] The first two supported devices were the Nokia 2323 Classic and Nokia 2330 Classic devices, English and the services in India supported 11 local languages.[3] (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese and Oriya).

The service was later expanded to Indonesia in November 2009,[4] China in May 2010[5] and Nigeria in November 2010.[6]

The service has been created from the ground-up, having teams in local markets where they work with government organizations, NGOs, universities and reputed partners and content providers. The unit is headed by Jawahar Kanjilal, Global Head for Nokia Life.[7]

The agricultural part of the service consists of localized information including weather conditions, advice about crop cycles, general tips and techniques, as well as market prices for crops. Farmers in the pilot scheme said getting daily prices on their phones reduced their dependency on agents for basic information, enabling them to negotiate with greater confidence.

The educational tools provide simple English and general knowledge courses in local languages, as well as study modules in a variety of state and ICSE board topics, including history, geography, biology, physics and chemistry. In India, it also includes a service that allows students to retrieve their exam results through their NLT app.

The healthcare services offers pregnancy and childcare advice, men’s health, and women’s health in all countries. There is also a range of health topics like respiratory, heart, diabetes, hepatitis and digestive health which are specific to some countries.[8]

The entertainment suite offering varies regionally and includes among others cricket & football scores, news, wallpapers, astrology, and ringtones. Most Nokia Life services were priced at Rs 30/month.

It also had some services that were free to the end consumer and paid for by the partner (advertiser). Here the partner paid for a sequential engagement with the Nokia Life Tools user. This sequential engagement unit (SEU) was offered to partners to help drive behavioural and attitudinal changes. These SEU's helped build the context and reinforce the messaging by targeted communication with the users over a specified time duration[9]


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