Nora B-52

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Nora B-52
Nora B-52.jpg
Nora B-52
Type Self-propelled artillery
Place of origin Serbia
Production history
Designer Military Technical Institute Belgrade
Manufacturer Complex Battle System factory in Velika Plana, Serbia
Unit cost $0.7 million 2005 estimated for K0 version
No. built

4 prototypes

72 delivered and more on order
Weight 34 tonnes(K-I), 27,4-28 tonnes(K0,K1,M03)
Length 11000 mm
Width 2950 mm
Height 3450 mm
Crew 3-5

Elevation -3° to +65°
Traverse 60°
Rate of fire 6-12 projectiles per minute depending on version. First 3 rounds fire in 20 seconds.
Maximum firing range 56km(HE ERFB/RA-BB VLAP) [1]

Armor Depends on version - K-I: STANAG 4569 Level II on the front and back, STANAG 4569 Level I on the sides, mine protection STANAG 4569 Level 2A and 2B, NBC protection through a pressurized hull and filter-ventilation system
155 mm/52-calibre (23 liter chamber) or new 155 mm/52-calibre (25 liter chamber)
7,62mm Machinegun, alternatively a 7,62mm or 12,7mm RCWS can also be installed
Engine turbo diesel
410 hp
Suspension 8x8 off-road wheels
1,000 km (620 mi), at a speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) for K-I version

On-road: 90 km/h (56 mph)
Macadam country road: 25 km/h (16 mph)
Off-road: 15 km/h (9.3 mph).

Speed is given for K-I version

The Nora B-52 is a 155 mm/52-calibre self-propelled howitzer weapon system developed by Vojnotehnički Institut (Military Technical Institute Belgrade, Serbia, then Yugoslavia) for export and domestic use. The first self-propelled Nora B (developed on the basis of Nora C) was designed by MTI in 1984 (at that time no other country except Yugoslavia had that kind of weapon today known with acronym TMG - Truck Mounted Gun) with a modified 152 mm towed gun-howitzer NORA M84 [2] with 45 caliber gun mounted on an FAP 8x8 truck bed and was 3 generation of artillery weapons.

Later after 2000 MTI developed new versions 4 generation artillery systems with 52 caliber 155 mm gun for fitting on a new system of NORA family with B-52 designation.

NORA B52K 1.jpg


B-52 operation depending on version is fully automated, including a 36-round autoloader. It is made in several versions:

  1. K0 (first serial variant, open turret, manual power drive and light of sight)
  2. K1(S) (differences from K0:semi-open turret, full automatic, independent automatic navigation, automatic fire and control system, smaller crew number)
  3. M03 (semi-open turret, automatic based on K0,K1 designs with S designation for Serbia Army)
  4. KE (semi-open turret, full automatic export variant)
  5. K-I (K1 with additional armored full automatic with closed turret, new stronger chassis, radar on barrel for measuring projectile trajectory and speed, NBC protected cabin and turret, automated fire-suspension system, smoke grenade launcher, intercom for crew and new software) designated S for Serbia
  6. Newest in development K2 (25 liter chamber, higher rate of fire, laser guided long range ammunition, smaller crew, new automated functions, smaller weight~25 tonnes, automatic leveling of gun in north direction,new smoke and light grenade).

K designation stands for Kamaz chassis, number for orientation of main weapon in relationship to north and letter for level of equipment and/or export designation. It is possible on demand to equip Nora B-52 howitzer with 152 mm gun.

All versions have differences in chassis, armour, turret, loading and support system. All versions with automatic loader features MRSI capability. Standard equipment includes a computerized fire control system and a land navigation system. Ballistic protection is provided against small arms fire, shell splinters and some mines.[3][4][5]

Operational history[edit]

Nora B-52

Serbia has exported the Nora B-52 artillery battlefield systems(included in system: B-52 selected versions of self-propelled howitzer(K1,KE,KI), reconnaissance BOV M11, command(BOV M10) and battery fire control and meteorological vehicles, ammunition loading trucks, artillery battlefield software for platoon, battery and division level) to the armed forces of Myanmar, Kenya and Bangladesh.[6][7] One fully equipped battery usually consist of 6-12 self-propelled howitzer, reconnaissance 1-2 BOV M11, 3 command BOV M10(1 for each platoon and 1 for battery cmd.), 3-6 Munition trucks, communication and workshop vehicle, 2-3 general supply vehicles(fuel, food, water etc.) and 1-2 fire direction and gunfire locator vehicle with radar and sound ranging.


There is various type of ammunition's aviable that includes domestic and foreign 155mm projectiles. Depending on ammo used different maximum ranges and effects on target can be achieved.

Designation Type Range in m Caliber Note
M107 HE M88 32000 155mm Sloboda Čačak
M04 ERFB 34000 155mm Sloboda Čačak
M02 ERFB/BB 41850 155mm Sloboda Čačak
M02 ERFB-BB 44000 155mm In development [8]
M15 HE ERFB RA/BB 56000 155mm Sloboda Čačak [9]
Krasnopol (weapon) BB 20000 155mm Guided
Not designated HE V-LAP 67000 155mm In development with new 25 liter chamber for Nora B-52


Map of Nora B-52 operators in blue

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