North Danger Reef

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North Danger Reef (11°25′N 114°21′E / 11.417°N 114.350°E / 11.417; 114.350Coordinates: 11°25′N 114°21′E / 11.417°N 114.350°E / 11.417; 114.350) is one of the seven major reefs / banks / etc. in the Spratly Islands area of the South China Sea. It is the most North Western of the features of the Spratly Islands, located to the NW of Dangerous Ground.

The reef is a large (8.5 nautical miles) approximately circular atoll with a central lagoon (~20m deep) circled by a number of features.

Features of North Danger Reef[edit]

Commencing in the NE and travelling anti-clockwise to the SW:

Continuing anti-clockwise to the East and NE:

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