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Industry Computer software
Fate Acquired by The Attachmate Group (July 5, 2006)
Founded San Jose, California, United States (1995)
Headquarters Houston, Texas, United States
Key people
Jay Gardner (President and GM)
  • Access Governance Suite
  • Access Manager
  • Access Review
  • Advanced Authentication Framework
  • Aegis
  • AppManager
  • Change Guardian
  • Cloud Manager
  • Directory and Resource Administrator
  • eDirectory
  • Identity Manager
  • Operations Center
  • PlateSpin Forge
  • PlateSpin Migrate
  • PlateSpin Protect
  • PlateSpin Recon
  • Privileged User Manager
  • Secure Configuration Manager
  • SecureLogin
  • Sentinel
Parent The Attachmate Group

NetIQ is an enterprise software company based in Houston, Texas. NetIQ is owned by Micro Focus International. The company provides products for identity and access management, security and data center management. The company’s flagship products include: NetIQ Access Manager, AppManager, Secure Configuration Manager, Sentinel and NetIQ Identity Manager.


NetIQ was founded by Ching-fa Hwang, Her-daw Che, Hon Wong, Ken Prayoon Cheng and Tom Kemp in September 1995. With an initial focus on performance-monitoring software, the company’s flagship product was AppManager.[1]

In July 1999, the company filed for IPO.[2] A merger with Mission Critical Software in February 2000 shifted the company to include systems management as well as performance.[2] In January 2001, NetIQ acquired Webtrends[3] — which they sold in 2005 to a private equity firm in order to solidify their focus on systems, security and performance management.[4]

In 2006, NetIQ was acquired by Attachmate.[5] After Attachmate acquired Novell in 2011,[6] NetIQ added identity and security products as well as data center and virtualization[7] to their offerings. It was the Attachmate acquisition that led to today’s alignment of NetIQ products into three categories: identity and access management, security management and data center management.[8]

In 2014, Attachmate merged with Micro Focus International.[9] The products were distributed by TriTech Distribution Limited in Hong Kong.[10]

Products and Services[edit]

Identity and access management[edit]

NetIQ provides identity and access management, single sign-on (SSO), access governance and more, enabling customers to create and manage identities and control access to enterprise resources. NetIQ identity and access management products include:

Security management[edit]

Monitoring user activities, security events and critical systems, NetIQ enables customers to detect and respond to potential threats of data breach. NetIQ security management products include:

  • Change Guardian[13]
  • Secure Configuration Manager[14]
  • Sentinel[15]
  • Privileged User Manager[16]

Data center management[edit]

NetIQ provides a variety of data center management solutions from disaster recovery to workload migration, server consolidation and service for unified communications and VoIP. NetIQ data center management products include:

  • AppManager[17]
  • Cloud Manager
  • PlateSpin Protect
  • PlateSpin Migrate
  • Operations Center

Recent awards[edit]

  • SC Magazine 2014 SC Readers Trust Award — NetIQ Identity Manager 4 awarded the Readers Trust Award for “Best Identity Management Solution,” Directors and staff.[18]
  • Best of Tech Ed North America 2013 Awards — NetIQ CloudAccess nominated as a finalist for the Best of Tech Ed North America 2013 Awards in the Cloud Security category.[19]
  • 2013 Redmond Magazine Readers' Choice Awards — NetIQ Security and Compliance Management recognized by Redmond Magazine readers by earning gold in the Compliance Management category of the 2013 "Redmond Magazine Readers' Choice Awards."[20]
  • 2013 Redmond Magazine Readers' Choice Awards — The readers of Redmond Magazine awarded NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator a silver medal in the Active Directory.
  • Provisioning/Administration category of the 2013 "Redmond Magazine Reader's Choice Awards."[20]
  • Virtualization Review Reader's Choice Awards — The readers of Virtualization Review voted NetIQ Cloud Manager a "Preferred Product" in the Cloud Software category for the 2013 "Virtualization Review Reader's Choice Awards."[21]
  • 2014 Redmond Magazine Readers' Choice Awards — NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator won GOLD in the “Active Directory Provisioning/Administration” category[22]
  • 2014 Redmond Magazine Readers' Choice Awards — NetIQ Group Policy Administrator™ won GOLD in the “Group Policy Manager” category[22]
  • 2014 Redmond Magazine Readers' Choice Awards — NetIQ Compliance Management Platform won BRONZE in the “Compliance Tool” category[22]
  • Government Security News 2014 Homeland Security Awards — NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5 WON in “Best Identity Management Platform” category[23]
  • Government Security News 2014 Homeland Security Awards — NetIQ Sentinel 7.2 was chosen as a FINALIST in the “Best Security Incident & Event Management” category[23]
  • 2014 IT Professional Best Data Center Product Awards — PlateSpin Forge 700 was named “Product of the Year” for best Data Center Hardware product[24]


  • Jay Gardner, President and General Manager
  • Edwin Bowman, Vice President and General Manager, Latin America
  • Boris Ivancic, Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific
  • LuAnn Johnson, Vice President, Global Human Resources
  • John Delk, Vice President, Product Management, Marketing and Sales Operations
  • John Milbank, Vice President of Sales, North America
  • Ton Musters, Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa Sales
  • Ron Milton, Vice President, Global Services and Customer Value Realization
  • Baha Masoud, Vice President, Global Engineering


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