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Opiza is located in Turkey
Shown within Turkey
Basic information
Location  Turkey
Geographic coordinates 41°15′07″N 41°59′24″E / 41.251944°N 41.99°E / 41.251944; 41.99Coordinates: 41°15′07″N 41°59′24″E / 41.251944°N 41.99°E / 41.251944; 41.99
Affiliation Georgian Orthodox Church[citation needed]
Completed 13th century

Opiza (Georgian: ოპიზა) was a medieval Georgian monastery and cathedral church located in historical Klarjeti region, now in Artvin Province, Turkey. It is one of the oldest Georgian churches in the Tao-Klarjeti region.[1] Opiza was reconstructed after an Arab invasion in the 8th century. It is referred to by many Georgian historical persons, such as Gregory of Khandzta, Beqa and Beshqen Opizrebi.


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