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Parkhali is located in Turkey
Shown within Turkey
Basic information
Location Artvin province, Turkey
Geographic coordinates 40°40′05″N 42°16′12″E / 40.6680°N 42.2700°E / 40.6680; 42.2700Coordinates: 40°40′05″N 42°16′12″E / 40.6680°N 42.2700°E / 40.6680; 42.2700
Affiliation Georgian Orthodox Church
State Yusufeli
Status Nowadays a village mosque
Founder Gregory of Khandzta

Parkhali (Georgian: პარხალი), also known in Turkish as Barhal or Altıparmak, is a village that contains a medieval Georgian monastery and cathedral church. It is located near the town of Yusufeli, Artvin Province, Turkey.


Parkhali was built by Davit III Kurapalat (earlier than 973). One of the oldest Georgian hagiographial novels, Martyrdom of the Holy Queen Shushanik was written here.

The eastern side of the church.
The current village of Barhal/Altıparmak.