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PCA, PMA, PA, SUA[edit]

PCA: The Power Calibration Area is used to determine the correct power level for the laser.

PMA: The Program Memory Area of a CDRW is a record of the data recorded on an unfinished or unfinalized disc.
It is used as a transition TOC while the session is still open.
PMA records may contain information on up to 99 audio tracks and their start and stop times (CD-DA),
or sector addresses for the start of data files for each session on a data CD.

PA: The Program Area contains the audio tracks or data files.

Each session on a multi-session disc has a corresponding lead-in, PMA, PA and lead-out.

When the session is closed TOC information in the PMA is written into a lead-in area and the PCA and PMA are logically eliminated.
The lead-out is created to mark the end of the data in the session.

SUA: The System User Area The PCA and the PMA grouped together are sometimes denoted as the System User Area.

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