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Paperny Entertainment Inc.
Formerly called
Paperny Films
Industry Television production
Founded 1994
Founder David Paperny
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Key people
David Paperny
Audrey Mehler
(Executive Vice President)
Cal Shumiatcher
(Executive Vice President)
Aynshley Vogel
(Vice President, Creative)
Products Television programs
Services Production
Parent Entertainment One
Website Paperny Entertainment

Paperny Entertainment Inc. (previously known as Paperny Films) is a Vancouver-based, producer of television programming and films, ranging from character-driven documentaries to provocative comedy to quirky reality shows. It was founded by David Paperny who was nominated for an Academy Award for his 1993 documentary The Broadcast Tapes of Dr. Peter.

In July 2014, Paperny Entertainment was acquired by Entertainment One.[1][2]

Television series[edit]

Listed by the year the shows first aired.


  • KinK, (Showcase, 5 seasons, 63 episodes)


  • Crash Test Mommy (Life Network)










The documentary The Boys of Buchenwald (2002) and Love Shines (2010) were produced by Paperny.

In 2008 Paperny partnered with David Ridgen and John Fleming on "The Civil Rights Cold Case Project"[3][4] with the Center for Investigative Reporting. The Project brought together partners from across the media and legal spectrum to reveal long-neglected truths behind scores of race-motivated murders from the civil rights era, and to help facilitate reconciliation and healing. The project sponsored work in civil rights era cold cases including that of African American shoe-shop owner Frank Morris who was murdered by Klan in Ferriday, Louisiana in 1964, and that of Clifton Walker, a Natchez Mississippi mill worker murdered by Klan members the same year.

The documentary film Confessions of an Innocent Man (2007), which tells the story of a British-Canadian engineer William Sampson, won a Gemini Award for Best Biography Documentary Program.[5]


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