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The Astrodome
The astrodome cover.jpg
Studio album by Buckethead
Released July 29, 2013
Genre Alternative rock
Length 33:49
Label Bucketheadland
Producer Dan Monti and Albert
Buckethead chronology
The Spirit Winds
(2013)The Spirit Winds2013
The Astrodome
Teeter Slaughter
(2013)Teeter Slaughter2013

The Astrodome is the forty-eighth studio album by guitarist Buckethead, and the eighteenth installment of the Buckethead Pikes Series.[1]

The album was announced on July 2 as a limited edition, untitled album with hand drawn covers and signed by Buckethead himself, and expected to be released on July 24. However, there was a slight delay and the album was finally released on July 29. A standard edition was announced but has not yet been released. Digital edition with cover and track listing was released in March 31, 2016.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The Astrodome" 6:47
2. "Airtight Garage" 1:07
3. "Explorer Twin" 2:57
4. "Omega Wing" 5:14
5. "Hollow Eyes" 2:18
6. "Beaming" 2:20
7. "Sun Heart" 1:01
8. "Light Mote" 12:04
Total length: 33:49

Release history[edit]

Date Label Format Country Sold Out
July 29th, 2013 Bucketheadland Limited Edition CD U.S. Yes
March 31, 2016 Digital Edition
Unknown Standard Edition CD