Plaikni Falls

Coordinates: 42°54′34″N 122°02′57″W / 42.90939°N 122.04912°W / 42.90939; -122.04912
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Plaikni Falls
Plainki Falls in August
LocationCrater Lake National Park
Coordinates42°54′34″N 122°02′57″W / 42.90939°N 122.04912°W / 42.90939; -122.04912
Elevation6,656 ft (2,029 m)
Total height20 ft (6.1 m)

Plaikni Falls, is a waterfall located along the East Rim Drive within the Crater Lake National Park at the south end of Mount Scott, in Klamath County, in the U.S. state of Oregon.[1] The waterfall is located in a glacier carved cliff surrounded by walls of petrified volcanic ash consequence of Mount Mazama eruption.

The location of Plaikni Falls wasn't known by many until the park constructed a new trail in 2011, making the Plainki Falls trail one of the most popular destinations along the Crater Lake Rim Drives. Full views of the cascade can be seen at the end of an easy 1-mile walk on a wheel-chair accessible trail.[2] The trail is surrounded by old-growth fir and hemlock forests rich in wildflowers.[3]

The name of the waterfall stems from a Native American word that means "from the high country".[4]

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