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Prince Morikuni (守邦親王 Morikuni Shinnō) (1301–1333; r. June 19, 1308 – September 25, 1333) was the ninth shōgun of the Kamakura shogunate of Japan.[1]

He was a son of the eighth shōgun Prince Hisaaki and was a grandson of the Emperor Go-Fukakusa. He was also a puppet ruler controlled by Hōjō Takatoki, who was the Kamakura shogunate's shikken or chief minister.[2] His mother was daughter of Prince Koreyasu who died in 1306.

After the collapse of the Kamakura bakufu, he became a Buddhist priest. He died shortly afterwards.

The Kamakura shogunate was succeeded by the Kenmu Restoration.

Eras of Morikuni's bakufu[edit]

The years in which Morikuni was shōgun are more specifically identified by more than one era name or nengō.[3]

Pre-Nanboku-chō court
Nanboku-chō southern court
  • Eras as reckoned by legitimate Court (as determined by Meiji rescript)
Nanboku-chō northern Court
  • Eras as reckoned by pretender Court (as determined by Meiji rescript)


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Preceded by
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Prince Morikuni

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