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Queen II Tour
World tour by Queen
Associated album Queen II
Start date 1 March 1974
End date 12 May 1974 (Planned to last until 7 June 1974)
Legs 2
No. of shows 42 (61 scheduled)
Queen concert chronology

The Queen II Tour was a concert tour by British rock group Queen to promote their 1974 album Queen II. It was the second major tour by the group and started only a month and a half after the end of the Queen I Tour. The band visited major cities in the UK and also went on to tour the United States, supporting Mott the Hoople. The band had to cancel all other concerts after 12 May 1974 as guitarist Brian May contracted hepatitis.[1]


In March the band commenced a UK tour to promote their new album 'Queen II', and then embarked on their first trip to the USA. Once again they played support band to Mott The Hoople on a four-week tour beginning in April. The band paid more attention to their look on stage and employed the services of Zandra Rhodes to design some of their costumes. Queen's appearances came to an abrupt halt when Brian collapsed from hepatitis after the New York show on 11 May, and the band flew home for Brian to recover.[2]

Mercury played the piano for the first time on stage on the songs "White Queen", "Seven Seas Of Rhye" and "The Fairy Feller's Masterstroke".

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
1 March 1974 Blackpool England Blackpool Winter Gardens
2 March 1974 Aylesbury Friars Aylesbury
3 March 1974 Plymouth Plymouth Guildhall
4 March 1974 Paignton Paignton Festival Hall
8 March 1974 Sunderland Locarno Ballroom
9 March 1974 Cambridge Cambridge Corn Exchange
10 March 1974 Croydon Croydon Greyhound
12 March 1974 London Dagenham Roundhouse
14 March 1974 Cheltenham Misto Hall
15 March 1974 Glasgow Scotland University of Glasgow
16 March 1974 Stirling University of Stirling
19 March 1974 Cleethorpes England Cleethorpes Winter Gardens
20 March 1974 Manchester Manchester University
22 March 1974 Canvey Island The Paddocks
23 March 1974 Cromer Royal Links Pavilion
24 March 1974 Colchester Woods Leisure Centre
26 March 1974 Isle of Man Palace Lido
28 March 1974 Aberystwyth Wales Aberystwyth University
29 March 1974 Penzance England Penzance Gardens
30 March 1974 Taunton Century Ballroom
31 March 1974 London Rainbow Theatre
2 April 1974 Birmingham Barbarella's
North America
16 April 1974 Denver United States Regis College
17 April 1974 Kansas City Kansas City Memorial Hall
18 April 1974 St. Louis Kiel Auditorium
19 April 1974 Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Appliance Building
20 April 1974 Memphis Mid-South Coliseum
21 April 1974 New Orleans St. Bernard Civic Auditorium
25 April 1974 Reading Allbright Center
26 April 1974 Boston Orpheum Theatre
27 April 1974 Providence Palace Theatre
28 April 1974 Portland Portland Exposition Hall
1 May 1974 Harrisburg Farm Arena
2 May 1974 Allentown Agricultural Hall
3 May 1974 Wilkes-Barre Kings College
4 May 1974 Waterbury Palace Theatre
7 May 1974 New York City Uris Theatre
8 May 1974
9 May 1974
10 May 19741st gig
10 May 19742nd gig
11 May 1974
12 May 1974
Cancelled gigs
15 May 1974 Washington D.C United States DAR Constitution Hall
16 May 1974 Charleston Charleston Municipal Auditorium
17 May 1974 Atlanta Fox Theater
18 May 1974 Knoxville Knoxville Coliseum
20 May 1974 Detroit Masonic Temple
21 May 1974 Chicago Chicago Auditorium
22 May 1974 Milwaukee Milwaukee Auditorium
23 May 1974 South Bend Morris Civic Auditorium
24 May 1974 Toledo Toledo Sports Arena
25 May 1974 Cleveland Allen Theater
26 May 1974 Columbus Mershon Auditorium
27 May 1974 Toronto Canada Massey Hall
28 May 1974 London London Arena
30 May 1974 Pittsburgh United States Syria Mosque
31 May 1974 Philadelphia Schubert Theater
1 June 1974
2 June 1974 Richmond Richmond Mosque
7 June 1974 Santa Monica Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Average Setlist[edit]

UK Tour[edit]

  1. "Procession"
  2. "Father to Son"
  3. "Ogre Battle"
  4. "Son and Daughter"
  5. "Guitar Solo"
  6. "Son and Daughter (Reprise)"
  7. White Queen (As It Began)"
  8. Great King Rat"
  9. "Keep Yourself Alive"
  10. "Liar"
  11. "Jailhouse Rock"/"Stupid Cupid"/"Be Bop a Lula"
  12. "Big Spender"
  13. "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll"

The track listing varied from each show, with different songs becoming the encore. "Doing All Right" from the first album was not performed on this tour, but on Queen's live set on tours after.
Other tracks occasionally performed on this tour were:

"The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" was thought to have never been played live, but there is an official recording of Queen playing the song live released on the Live at the Rainbow '74 album, which features their performance at the Rainbow Theatre on 31 March 1974. The song is also thought to have played live at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool and at the Locarno in Sunderland, but it is unknown.

US Tour[edit]

  1. "Procession"
  2. "Father to Son"
  3. "Ogre Battle"
  4. "Son and Daughter"
  5. "Guitar Solo"
  6. "Son and Daughter (Reprise)"
  7. "Great King Rat"
  8. "Liar"
  9. "Keep Yourself Alive"
  10. "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll"
  11. "Big Spender"
  12. "Bama Lama Bama Loo"

Songs played scarcely:

  • "See What A Fool I've Been" (Played on 28 April)
  • "Jailhouse Rock"/"Stupid Cupid"/"Be Bop a Lula" (Played on 7 May)

Live at the Rainbow '74[edit]

Live at the Rainbow '74 is a live album released by Queen in September 2014. The album features three performances live at the Rainbow Theatre. The one CD features the November while the other CD features the show from this tour.

The show was performed at the Rainbow Theatre on 31 March 1974 and the show was recorded by music producer Roy Thomas Baker. The CD features most of the songs on the setlist, however excluding "Hangman" and "Big Spender" but including "Seven Seas of Rhye", "See What a Fool I've Been" and "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke". The album features the only known live recording of "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke", which is considered to be the highlight of the album for some fans.

Also, from the show is video footage of "Son & Daughter" and "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll" making this the earliest known footage of the band performing live.

The album peaked at #11 in UK Charts.

Tour band[edit]


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