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R498 road
Route information
Length: 37 km (23 mi)
Road network

The R498 is a regional road in County Tipperary linking Nenagh, via Borrisoleigh and Bouladuff to Thurles. [1] The road is approximately 37 km (23 mi) long.

R498 Bouladuff

R498-N62 Link Road[edit]

A road to link the R498 with the N62 is currently in construction. Taking a small bit of the L4121 near Tipperary Institute the road is already widened and turns off into a new road going over the main Dublin-Cork line with a new bridge to be constructed and joining the N62 at Gortataggart. It is unclear at the moment will this new stretch of road will be named part of the R498 or N62, though only the National Roads Authority can designate/re-designate a National road, and it is the North Tipperary County Council building the road so it looks more likely it will be part of the R498.

Thurles Bypass[edit]

Plans for a Bypass to connect the N62 North (before Thurles) N75 and R498 with N62 South (pass Thurles) have been approved and are currently in route selection, It is more than likely the R498-N62 link road will be part of the new bypass.

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