R709 road (Ireland)

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The R709 road is a regional road in Ireland. Located in the south of Ireland at Waterford, it forms the Inner Ring Road around the south of the inner city. It commences on the junction with the R686 at Ashe Road and ends at the junction with the R683 at Newtown Road, and passes via the Inner Ring Road (purpose built section), Richardson's Folly, Inner Ring Road (purpose built section) and Passage Road.

The R710 forms the Outer Ring Road around the south of the city.

Junctions/Roundabouts (east to west)[edit]

  1. Newtown Rd.
  2. John's Hill
  3. Lower Grange (Roundabout)
  4. Ballytruckle Rd.
  5. Tramore Rd. (Roundabout)
  6. Cork Rd. (Roundabout)
  7. Ashe Rd.

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