R741 road (Ireland)

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R741 road
Route information
Length: 40 km (20 mi)
Road network

The R741 road is a regional road in County Wexford, Ireland. From its junction with the R772 in Gorey it takes a southerly route to its junction with the R730 in the centre of Wexford Town, where it terminates.

The road is of good quality, well surfaced and lined, throughout. It is used as an alternative route to the N11 national primary road for traffic between Gorey and Wexford Town.

The traditional iconic view of Wexford Town is the bridge over the Slaney sweeping across in the foreground with the town behind it (for an example see [1]). The bridge is actually the final stage of the R741 southwards.

R741 – high quality regional road

The road is 40 km (25 mi) long.

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