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Rabari, a caste of Camel Herders- Tashrih al-aqvam (1825)

The Rabari people (also known as Rebari, Raika, and Dewasi people) are an ethnic group from Rajasthan, Kutch region of Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab and Sindh province of Pakistan.[1][2]

Rabari camel warriors, Baroda State, 1890

Origin Myth[edit]

The Rabari is Shepherd class and the main work is to care the cattle[3]

According to Sigrid Westphal-Helbusch, the significant migrations of Rabaris took place between 12th to 14th century, when they moved from Marwar to Sindh and Kutch. The migrations of Rabaris in fact follow similar paths as that of Rajputs and Charans, two other migrant group in this region, indicating intertwined histories. Westphal-Helbusch ascribes the goddess worship traditions of Rabaris to the Charan influence.[4]


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