Rajiman Wediodiningrat

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Rajiman Wediodiningrat
Born (1879-04-21)April 21, 1879
Netherlands Yogyakarta, Dutch East Indies
Died September 20, 1952(1952-09-20) (aged 73)
Indonesia Ngawi, East Java, Indonesia

Dr. Kanjeng Raden Tumenggung (K.R.T.) Radjiman Wedyodiningrat (April 21, 1879 - September 20, 1952) was a physician and one of the founding figures of Indonesian Republic.


Starting with a model of learning just by listening to a lesson in the bottom of the window class when delivering son of Dr. Wahidin Soedirohoesodo to school, then by the mercy of the Dutch teachers were told to follow the lessons in the classroom until finally at the age of 20 years he has managed to get a medical degree and received a Master of Art at the age of 24 years. He also studied in the Netherlands, France, England and America.

Options studied medicine taken leave of his concern when looking at Ngawi community when it was hit by bubonic plague, nor did he specifically studied to save the content of the next generation which time many married women who died in childbirth.

Since 1934 he chose to stay at the Dirgo Village, District Widodaren, Ngawi and serving as an expert physician bubonic plague, when many residents Ngawi died of the plague -stricken. His home is now a 134-year-old site. So close to Bung Karno Radjiman up - to Bung Karno has also come to the house twice.

Budi Utomo[edit]

Dr. Radjiman is one of the founders of the organization Budi Oetomo and managed to become the leader in 1914-1915.


In the course of history towards the independence of Indonesia, Dr. Radjiman is the only person who engaged in struggle of national power up starting from the rise to the formation of Sampoerna Utomo BPUPKI. Maneuver at the time led the Budi Utomo which proposed the establishment of a people's militia in every region in Indonesia (awareness of having an army of people) answered the Netherlands with compensation form People's Council and Dr. Radjiman entered in it as representative of Sampoerna Utomo.

At the hearing BPUPKI on May 29, 1945, he asked the question "What is the basis for any future independent state of Indonesia?" This question is answered by the Bung Karno with Pancasila. Answers and descriptions about the Bung Karno Indonesia Pancasila as the state is then written by Radjiman as chairman BPUPKI in an introductory book publishing Pancasila first year 1948 in the village of Dirgo, District Widodaren, Ngawi. Discovery of documents located in the Village Dirgo, District Widodaren, Ngawi this be the new findings in the history of Indonesia, which again exposes the fact that Sukarno's Pancasila is the originator of the Founding Fathers.

On August 9, 1945 he brought Bung Karno and Bung Hatta to Saigon and Da Lat to find the leader of the Japanese army to East Asia linked to the bombings Hiroshima and Nagasaki which causes Japan plans to surrender unconditionally to the Allies, which would create a power vacuum in Indonesia.

Post-independence career[edit]

In the period after independence Radjiman been a member of DPA, KNIP and leader of the first Parliament in the current session of Indonesia back into the unitary state of the RIS.