Wahid Hasyim

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Abdul Wahid Hasyim
Wahid Hasyim.jpg
Abdul Wahid Hasyim and his wife, Siti Solichah
1st Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia
In office
30 September 1945 – 14 November 1945
President Sukarno
Preceded by None, new term
Succeeded by Rasjidi
In office
6 September 1950 – 3 April 1952
President Sukarno
Preceded by Masjkur
Succeeded by Fakih Usman
In office
20 December 1949 – 6 September 1950
President Sukarno
Preceded by Masjkur
Succeeded by Masjkur
Personal details
Born (1914-06-01)June 1, 1914
Jombang, East Java, Dutch East Indies
Died April 19, 1953(1953-04-19) (aged 38)
Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesia
Spouse(s) Solehah binti K.H. Bisri Syansuri
Children K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid
Aisyah Hamid Baidlowi
K.H. Salahuddin Wahid
dr. Umar Wahid, Sp.P
Lily Chodijah Wahid
Hasyim Wahid
Wahid Hasyim when he was 12 years old

Abdul Wahid Hasyim (June 1, 1914 – April 19, 1953) was the first Minister of Religious Affairs in the government of President Sukarno of Indonesia, a post he held in 1945, and from 1949 to 1952.

He was the son of Nahdlatul Ulama founder Hasyim Asy'ari and went on to lead the organization.[1] In the future his son, Abdurrahman Wahid, also held the same office in NU, and later was elected as President of Indonesia in 1999.


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