Ranks of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces

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The following list presents the ranks and insignia of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces from 1980, until 1999. In the far left, ranks are those that follow traditional Western military ranks, in the center are the Spanish name ranks in italics, and in the far right are the rank insignia. All ranks follow Soviet and French style influences.

Army and Air Force Ranks[edit]

Officer Ranks[edit]

All-forces ranks Name Shoulder insignia
Commander in Chief Comandante en Jefe Comandante en jefe.jpg
Army General General de Ejército General de ejército.jpg
Corps General General de Cuerpo de Ejército General de cuerpo de ejercito.jpg
Divisional General General de División General de División (Cuba).jpg
Brigade General General de Brigada General de brigada.jpg
Colonel Coronel Coronel cuba.jpg
Lieutenant Colonel Teniente Coronel Teniente coronel.jpg
Major Mayor Major Cuba.jpg
Captain Capitán Capitán rank insignia (Cuba).jpg
First Lieutenant Primer Teniente Primer teniente.jpg
Lieutenant Teniente Teniente.jpg
Sub-lieutenant Subteniente Sub teniente.jpg

Enlisted Ranks[edit]

The list excludes the new NCO rank of Second Sub-officer (Segundo Suboficial) that is used today.

All-forces ranks Name Collar insignia
First Sub-officer Primer Sub-Oficial PrimerSub-Oficial.gif
Sub-Officer Sub-Oficial Sub-Oficial.gif
Sergeant First Class Sargento de Primera Sargento de Primera.gif
Sergeant Second Class Sargento de Segunda SargentodeSegunda.gif
Sergeant Third Class Sargento de Tercera SargentodeTercera.gif
Private 1st Class Soldado de Primera SoldadodePrimera.gif
Private Soldado Soldado.gif

Present Rank Insignia[edit]

Nowadays, rank insignia are green colored and the rank insignia used during the early 1970s for junior officers were reinstated.

Sistema de Grados FAR.JPG

Moreover, other ranks insignia are now on the sleeve and are similar to those used during the Cuban Revolution by the Rebel Army.

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