Rawgwar (video)

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Video by Gwar
Released 1989
Genre Thrash metal, punk rock
Length 110:00
Label Slave Pit Inc.
Gwar chronology
Shimmy Disc Video Compilation V.1
(1988)Shimmy Disc Video Compilation V.11988
The Next Mutation
(1989)The Next Mutation1989

Rawgwar is Gwar's first self-produced video release. It compiles early TV appearances and live performance footage. The tape features the band in early versions of their costumes, as well as stage characters, such as Cardinal Syn and Techno Destructo. The video was only available on VHS and is out of print.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Black and Huge"
  2. "World 'O' Filth"
  3. "Slutman City"
  4. "Bone Meal/Ollie North"
  5. "I'm in Love (With a Dead Dog)"
  6. "Americanized"
  7. "The Years Without Light"
  8. "Pure As the Arctic Snow"
  9. "Techno's Song"
  10. "Ham on the Bone"
  11. "World 'O' Filth"
  12. "Captain Crunch"
  13. "Bone Meal/Ollie North"
  14. "Bone Meal/Ollie North"
  15. "Death Pod"
  16. "I'm in Love (With a Dead Dog)"
  17. "Time for Death"
  18. "Horror of Yig"
  19. "Slaughterama"
  20. "Sexecutioner"
  21. "Techno's Song"
  22. "U Ain't Shit"
  23. "Vlad the Impaler"
  24. "Cardinal Syn Theme"
  25. "U Ain't Shit"
  26. "Gwar Theme"
  27. "Captain Crunch"
  28. "Cool Place to Park"