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Type Radio network
Branding RevFM
Country United States
Availability Pennsylvania
Slogan "Central PA's Home for Positive Hits"
Owner Invisible Allies Ministries[1]
Official website

RevFM is a network of Christian radio stations in Pennsylvania, broadcasting contemporary Christian music.

RevFM is currently heard on 5 full powered stations and 2 low powered translators.[2]


Call sign Frequency City of license ERP
m (ft)
Class Notes
WRPV 90.5 FM Allport, Pennsylvania 1,600 270 m (890 ft) B1
WRQV 88.1 FM Ridgway, Pennsylvania 2,100 249 m (817 ft) B1
WRVI 91.1 FM Ridgway, Pennsylvania 110 186 m (610 ft) A
WRXV 89.1 FM State College, Pennsylvania 600 332 m (1,089 ft) B1
WRYV 88.7 FM Milroy, Pennsylvania 2,200 265 m (869 ft) B1
WRYV-FM1 88.7 FM State College, Pennsylvania 23 298 m (978 ft) D Booster for WRYV


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