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Sound of Life Radio
Sound of Life radio network logo.png
Broadcast area Eastern New York, Northern New Jersey, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Western New England
Branding The Sound of Life
Slogan Real Life, Real Change
Frequency See table below
WGNA HD-3 107.7-3 MHz Albany, NY (HD Radio)
Translator(s) See tables below
First air date January 9, 1985
Format Christian radio
Callsign meaning Radio Port Jervis
Saratoga Springs K
W Hudson Valley P
Former callsigns WLJH:
WARD (3/21-8/15/1997)
WLGZ (2/26-12/20/1993)
WQFA (11/15/1991-6/1/1992)
Owner Sound of Life, Inc.
Webcast Listen Live

The Sound of Life Radio Network is a regional Contemporary Christian music network headquartered in Lake Katrine, New York and serves eastern New York State, northern New Jersey, northeast Pennsylvania, and western New England. Programming on the network is primarily music based with short programming features interspersed throughout the day. Short feature programs are practical, family oriented and directed at applying faith to everyday life. They include "Answers with Ken Hamm", Dr. Dobson's "My Family Talk", "Hey Howard" with Howard Dayton of Crown Financial, and more. The network's feature segment is the Cup 'a Joe Morning show with morning show host Joe Hunter who has been on the air with the network since 1993. The Sound of Life is streamed 24/7 through their website and mobile apps.


Sound of Life was incorporated in the early 1980s by a group of people in the Kingston, New York area who wanted to begin a faith-based radio station for the Hudson Valley which would encourage and reach out to and be supported by listeners. After nearly buying WHVW in 1982, the network obtained the construction permit for 89.7 MHz Kingston, which signed on as WFGB on January 9, 1985.


As of 2012, Sound of Life programming is heard on the following frequencies:

Call sign Frequency City of license Facility ID ERP/Power
m (ft)
Class Transmitter coordinates
WFGB 89.7 FM Kingston, NY 60896 3,100 453 m (1,486 ft) B 42°4′35″N 74°6′26″W / 42.07639°N 74.10722°W / 42.07639; -74.10722 (WFGB)
WGKR 105.3 FM Grand Gorge, NY 60904 60 414 m (1,358 ft) A 42°23′55″N 74°35′23″W / 42.39861°N 74.58972°W / 42.39861; -74.58972 (WGKR)
WGWR 88.1 FM Liberty, NY 79020 60 171 m (561 ft) A 41°48′3.9″N 74°47′4.9″W / 41.801083°N 74.784694°W / 41.801083; -74.784694 (WGWR)
WHVP 91.1 FM Hudson, NY 60899 220 318 m (1,043 ft) A 42°18′28″N 73°29′35″W / 42.30778°N 73.49306°W / 42.30778; -73.49306 (WHVP)
WLJH 90.7 FM Glens Falls, NY 77582 400 404 m (1,325 ft) A 43°25′12″N 73°45′37″W / 43.42000°N 73.76028°W / 43.42000; -73.76028 (WLJH)
WLJP 89.3 FM Monroe, NY 60900 200 317 m (1,040 ft) A 41°22′38″N 74°7′55″W / 41.37722°N 74.13194°W / 41.37722; -74.13194 (WLJP)
WPGL 90.7 FM Pattersonville, NY 60890 30 653 m (2,142 ft) A 42°51′0″N 74°3′58″W / 42.85000°N 74.06611°W / 42.85000; -74.06611 (WPGL)
WRPJ 88.9 FM Port Jervis, NY 60889 500 180 m (590 ft) A 41°25′36″N 74°34′54″W / 41.42667°N 74.58167°W / 41.42667; -74.58167 (WRPJ)
WSSK 89.7 FM Saratoga Springs, NY 76980 50 131 m (430 ft) A 43°11′35″N 73°45′25″W / 43.19306°N 73.75694°W / 43.19306; -73.75694 (WSSK)


Broadcast translators of WFGB
Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
m (ft)
Class Transmitter coordinates FCC info
W229BH 93.7 Beacon, NY 10 432 m (1,417 ft) D 41°29′19.7″N 73°56′53″W / 41.488806°N 73.94806°W / 41.488806; -73.94806 (W229BH) FCC
W206AW 89.1 Pawling, NY 250 212 m (696 ft) D 41°42′50″N 73°32′7″W / 41.71389°N 73.53528°W / 41.71389; -73.53528 (W206AW) FCC
Broadcast translators of WGNA HD-3
Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
m (ft)
Class Transmitter coordinates FCC info
W235AY 94.9 Albany, NY 250 274.3 m (900 ft) D 42°38′13″N 73°59′51″W / 42.63694°N 73.99750°W / 42.63694; -73.99750 (W235AY) FCC

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