Rochester mayoral election, 2009

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Rochester mayoral election, 2009
New York
2005 ←
November 3, 2009 → 2013

  Mayor Robert Duffy.jpg
Candidate Robert Duffy (unopposed)
Party Democratic

Map of New York highlighting Rochester.png

Location of the City of Rochester, New York

Mayor before election

Robert Duffy

Elected Mayor

Robert Duffy

The Rochester Mayoral Election of 2009 took place on November 3, 2009 in the City of Rochester, New York, United States. Democratic Mayor Robert Duffy, first elected in 2005, ran unopposed and was re-elected Mayor, with a low 19.5% turnout.[1] Duffy announced his re-election bid March 22, 2009.[citation needed] No Republican showed serious interest in challenging Duffy.[citation needed]

In November 2010, Duffy was elected Lieutenant Governor of New York.


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