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The Super NES Mouse and Mousepad

The Super NES Mouse, sold as the Super Famicom Mouse (スーパーファミコンマウス, Sūpā Famikon Mausu) in Japan, is a peripheral created by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.[1] It was first released on July 14, 1992 in Japan and in other regions later that year. Originally designed for use with the game Mario Paint, the Super NES Mouse was sold in a bundle with the game and included a plastic mouse pad. Soon after its introduction, several other titles were released with the Mouse support.

Although this device closely resembles and mimics the functionality of a two-button computer mouse, it was smaller than most computer mice of the time and had a significantly shorter cord than the standard Super NES controller.

List of compatible games[edit]

The Super NES Mouse was supported by many games during its lifetime, and even by the Super Game Boy accessory.[2] Certain games released after the Mouse—such as Super Mario All-Stars, Tetris & Dr. Mario, Yoshi's Island, and Kirby Super Star—display a warning message indicating that the mouse is incompatible with that game.

This is an incomplete list of games that support the accessory:


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