Sailing at the 1976 Summer Olympics

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at the Games of the XXI Olympiad
Woodcarve Finn, Tornado, Tempest.png

Woodcarve 470, Soling, FD.png
Woodcarves of the Olympic classes at the
Portsmouth Olympic Harbour
DatesFirst race: 19 July 1976 (1976-07-19)
Last race: 27 July 1976 (1976-07-27)
Competitors226 (225 male), (1 female) from 40 nations
← 1972
1980 →

Sailing/Yachting is an Olympic sport starting from the Games of the 1st Olympiad (1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece). With the exception of 1904 and the canceled 1916 Summer Olympics, sailing has always been included on the Olympic schedule. The sailing program of 1976 consisted of six sailing classes (disciplines). For each class, seven races were scheduled from 19 July 1976 to 27 July 1976 off the coast of Kingston, Ontario, on Lake Ontario. The sailing was done on the triangular-type Olympic courses.


Portsmouth Olympic Harbour
Olympic Flame
Skyline of Portsmouth Olympic Harbour Olympic Flame
Coordinates: 44°13′03″N 76°30′31″W / 44.21750°N 76.50861°W / 44.21750; -76.50861
Olympic Course Area's 1976.

According to the IOC statutes the contests in all sport disciplines must be held either in, or as close as possible to the city which the IOC has chosen. Since Montréal was not a suitable place the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour Kingston, Ontario, constructed in 1969, was reconstructed in 1974 in time for the 1976 Olympic Sailing event. A total of three race areas were created on Lake Ontario.

The distance from the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour to course area Bravo (red) was about 5 nmi (9.3 km) From there it was another 5 nmi (9.3 km) to the course area's Alpha (yellow) and Charlie (blue). This however ensured wind conditions without local effects.



Continents Countries Classes Boats Male Female
4 40 6 130 225 1


  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Europe
  • Americas


Countries that participated in the Sailing event of the 1976 Olympic Games.
Blue: Water
Gray: Never participated in OG
Dark Gray: Participated in earlier OG
Green: Country participated for the first time
Dark Blue: Country participated also on previous games
Red: Country boycotted the sailing event of the OG
 Argentina (ARG)  Australia (AUS)  Austria (AUT)
 Bahamas (BAH)  Belgium (BEL)  Bermuda (BER)
 Brazil (BRA)  Canada (CAN)  Cayman Islands (CAY)
 Colombia (COL)  Denmark (DEN)  Spain (ESP)
 Finland (FIN)  France (FRA)  Great Britain (GBR)
 East Germany (GDR)  West Germany (FRG)  Greece (GRE)
 Guatemala (GUA)  Hungary (HUN)  Ireland (IRL)
 Israel (ISR)  Virgin Islands (ISV)  Italy (ITA)
 Japan (JPN)  Mexico (MEX)  Monaco (MON)
 Netherlands (NED)  Norway (NOR)  New Zealand (NZL)
 Philippines (PHI)  Poland (POL)  Portugal (POR)
 Puerto Rico (PUR)  Switzerland (SUI)  Sweden (SWE)
 Thailand (THA)  Soviet Union (URS)  United States (USA)
 Yugoslavia (YUG)

Classes (equipment)[edit]

Class Type Event Sailors Trapeze Mainsail Jib/Genoa Spinnaker First OG Olympics so far
Finn Dinghy Cercle noir 100%.svg 1 0 + 1952 7
470 Dinghy Cercle noir 100%.svg 2 1 + + + 1976 1
Flying Dutchman Dinghy Cercle noir 100%.svg 2 1 + + + 1960 5
Tornado Catamaran Cercle noir 100%.svg 2 1 + + 1976 1
Tempest Keelboat Cercle noir 100%.svg 2 1 + + + 1972 2
Soling Keelboat Cercle noir 100%.svg 3 0 + + + 1972 2

Medal summary[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Finn insigna.png

1976: Finn

 East Germany (GDR)
Jochen Schümann
 Soviet Union (URS)
Andrei Balashov
 Australia (AUS)
John Bertrand
470 insigna.png

1976: 470

 West Germany (FRG)
Frank Hübner
Harro Bode
 Spain (ESP)
Antonio Gorostegui
Pedro Millet
 Australia (AUS)
Ian Brown
Ian Ruff
Flying Dutchman insigna.png

1976: Flying Dutchman

 West Germany (FRG)
Jörg Diesch
Eckart Diesch
 Great Britain (GBR)
Rodney Pattisson
Julian Brooke-Houghton
 Brazil (BRA)
Reinaldo Conrad
Peter Ficker
Tornado insigna.png

1976: Tornado

 Great Britain (GBR)
Reginald White
John Osborn
 United States (USA)
David McFaull
Michael Rothwell
 West Germany (FRG)
Jörg Spengler
Jörg Schmall
Tempest insigna.png

1976: Tempest

 Sweden (SWE)
John Albrechtson
Ingvar Hansson
 Soviet Union (URS)
Valentin Mankin
Vladyslav Akimenko
 United States (USA)
Dennis Conner
Conn Findlay
Soling insigna.png

1976: Soling

 Denmark (DEN)
Poul Richard Høj Jensen
Valdemar Bandolowski
Erik Hansen
 United States (USA)
John Kolius
Walter Glasgow
Richard Hoepfner
 East Germany (GDR)
Dieter Below
Olaf Engelhardt
Michael Zachries

Medal table[edit]

1 West Germany (FRG)2013
2 Great Britain (GBR)1102
3 East Germany (GDR)1012
4 Denmark (DEN)1001
 Sweden (SWE)1001
6 United States (USA)0213
7 Soviet Union (URS)0202
8 Spain (ESP)0101
9 Australia (AUS)0022
10 Brazil (BRA)0011
Totals (10 nations)66618



At the Portsmouth area a new Olympic facility was constructed. This building was built to contain all facilities needed during that period. It holds for instance a large measurement hall and several exercise rooms. Only the size of the overhead doors of the measurement hall was not wide enough to bring a fully assembled Tornado in. Each had to be lifted on one side to enter diagonally.


After the races in the Tempest an unprecedented incident occurred:

Alan Warren and David Hunt set their Tempest on fire. With this boat they won the silver medal in 1972 but during the transport to Canada the boat called "Gift 'orse" was damaged. Warren and Hunt ended in Kingston on place 14. After the incident Warren stated: "The Horse was lame and we had to put her down."

The story did not end there. Canadian customs couldn't accept that the boat was not available for them to inspect.


During the sailing regattas at the 1972 Summer Olympics among others the following persons were competing in the various classes:


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