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Sakri is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 20°59′25″N 74°18′52″E / 20.99028°N 74.31444°E / 20.99028; 74.31444Coordinates: 20°59′25″N 74°18′52″E / 20.99028°N 74.31444°E / 20.99028; 74.31444
Country India
 • BodySakri Nagar Panchayat
405 m (1,329 ft)
 • Total21,764
 • OfficialMarathi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationMH-18
Lok Sabha constituencyNandurbar
Vidhan Sabha constituencySakri

Sakri is a census town[1] and a taluka in the Dhule District of the Nashik division, Maharashtra state, India. The town of Sakri is the administrative headquarters for Sakri Taluka.[2] Another Sakri is in Bihar, which is now a railway junction.

The town is located on National Highway 6 which is now Asian Highway AH46 running between Hazira (near Surat) in Gujarat to Kolkota, West Bengal.

The people there are mostly Hindu. The languages most spoken in Sakri are Marathi & Ahirani.

In the Sakri Taluka there is the one of the Asia's Largest Solar Project near Chhadvel Korde village.

Also there is Asia's largest Wind Mills Project run by Suzlon Company near Chhadvel Korde and Nijampur villages.



Sakri Taluka is one of the largest taluka as per area in Maharashtra state. It has the highest number of villages than all other talukas in Maharashtra state.

It is divided into four regions by local people.

  1. Malmatha region ( माळमाथा परिसर )
  2. Panzara-Kan region ( पांझरा- कान परिसर )
  3. Katwan region ( काटवान परिसर )
  4. Kokan region ( कोकण परिसर )


Shree Vimalnath Bhagwan Tirth, Balsana, Sakri, Dhule[edit]

Pratima (Idol) of Shree Vimalnath Bhagwan was found by a farmer while ploughing his field. This 77 inches pratima was kept in the farmers house at the village Balsana, in Dhule District of Maharashtra. Param Pujya Acharya Shrimad Vijay Vidyanand Surishwarji, who was then a Muni and was in the vicinity of Dhule, heard about this. He went to Balsana and visited the farmer. Param Pujya Shree convinced the farmer to hand over the Pratima to the Jains, so that proper care and puja according to Jain Rituals could be performed. The farmer agreed.

Param Pujya Shree Vidyanandji Maharaj Saheb then called a meeting of many Jain Sanghs. After careful deliberations and upon suggestions of all Jain Sanghs present, he decided and declared that Shree Shitalnath Bhagwan Sanstha, Dhule will own, build and manage temple of Shree Vimalnath Bhagwan, at Balsana. Till date this temple is owned and governed by Dhule Sangh.

Kanhaiyalal Maharaj Temple, Dhaner-Amali, Sakri, Dhule

God kanhaiyalal Maharaj is said to be avatar of God Vishnu. The temple is holy and ancient.

Alaldari Waterfalls

Close to kanhaiyalala Maharaj Temple, there is a most beautiful valley called ALAL VALLEY . In rainy season waterfalls in alaldari are one of the attractive nature sights to be seen in sakri

Goddess Kanbai Temple, Balsana, Sakri, Dhule[edit]

Goddess kanbai is said to be "avatar" of goddess parvati. She is well worshiped goddess in Maharashtra as well as the places where maharashtrians lived. She is said to be wife of "Kanher", "avatar" of God Shiva. This temple was made by Holkar queen. Now-a-days it is preserved by Maharashtra Government. The area around this ancient temple contains two more temples. One of God Shiva and one Of God Surya (Sun). The Surya temple is broken and also the idol of God Surya is broken, The Shiva Temple is in well condition and worshiped by the villagers.


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