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Aquarius map showing Shataraka

Shatabhisha, also known as Chathayam or Sadayam (Devanagari: शतभिषा)(Tamil: சதயம்), or Shatabhishak or Shatataraka is the 24th nakshatra in Hindu astronomy. It corresponds to the star γ Aquarii. Varuna is the deity of this nakshatra. The ruling planet of this nakshatra is Rahu.




Jyotiṣa states that the constellation through which the moon is passing during the time of a person’s birth has an effect on the personality traits later in life.[1] The moon in Shatabhisha indicates a person who is highly intuitive, who is great at problem solving, a good healer or doctor, and who is mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific and a visionary. However, they can also be secretive, reclusive, moody, opinionated and stubborn; and suffer setbacks in relationships as a result.

Female Natives

1. Physical features: Tall and lean, Good Looking, fairly beautiful, elegant disposition. Flushy lips and broad cheeks with prominent temples and buttocks.

2. Character and general events: She will be very calm natured. But at certain times she is also hot-tempered. She is very much inclined in the religious activities as she is god fearing. Due to her hot-temperament, she is mostly confronted with family quarrel and this will result in frequent lack of mental peace.

She has very good memory. She is highly sympathetic and generous. While she does not expect anything in return for her humanitarian action, she is quite often misunderstood not only by the general public but also by her own family members.

3. Education, sources of income/profession: Interested in the scientific study. Percentage wise assessment shows that most of the female doctors are born in this nakshatra.

4. Family life: While she loves and adore her husband, her life will be full of problems. They are also known to be highly opinioned, and usually not tolerant of new ideas or opinions of others. They are also extremely stubborn. This may be one of the reason they often suffer setback in relationships and marriage. Marriage to a Rohini would bring comfort, even though at the beginning things might seem a bit off - they will eventually settle down admirably. Shatabhishak belongs to Kumbh Rasi and Rohini belongs to Vrishabh rasi. She should learn to become more flexible and tolerant in life in order to have successful relationships.

5. Health: Her health will be a cause of concern for her. Urinary and uterus disorders have been noticed. She may also suffer from colic troubles and chest pain.

Male Natives

1. Physical features: He will have a soft body, excellent memory power, wide forehead, attractive eyes, bright countenance, prominent nose . He would appear to belong to an aristocratic family at the first sight itself.

2. Character and general events: He is of the type "Satyameva Jayate". He will not hesitate to sacrifice his own life for upholding the truth. As he is born with certain principles, he has to quite often confront with others as he cannot deviate from his principles of life. Selfless service is his motto. He insists on following the religious traditions. He is also of the adamant type. Once he takes a decision it is not easy for others to change his decision. While he is very intelligent and efficient in most of the walks of life, he is very soft in his heart. He is the mixture of good and bad.

When he is provoked, he will rise like an angry Dragon, but that anger is soon subsided. As he does not believe in pomp and show, he has a feeling of shyness to exhibit his talents. However, his talents will be unearthed due to his interesting and attractive conversation, which will be highly instructive and educative.

3. Education, sources of income/profession: Period up to 34 years of age will be a trial some period in his profession field. Period after 34 years will be the period of constant progress. He is highly suited for the practice of computer science, medicine, astrology, psychology, forensic research, healing arts and occult science. His literary capacity and greatness will come to limelight even when he is very young. He is capable of acquiring very fine and high education. This nakshatra has produced eminent doctors and research fellows in medicines.

4. Family life: His cultures are like God SriRama. Generally he has to face a little problems from his dear and near ones. Even then, he always extents his helping hand to his near and dears even without asking for such help. Full love and affection is derived from his mother or beloved wife.

In some cases, when there is severe affliction of Saturn and Jupiter, it has been found that the native faces some issues in his married life. While on the one hand he enjoys happy married life, his wife will have all the good qualities that are expected of a companion.

5. Health: Outwardly he may appear to have very good health but he is occasionally faced with windy issues. He has the will-power to tolerate and overcome anything. In some cases they may be inclined to sexual pleasures. He may have problems with his jaws.

Other Information[edit]

Favourable sign for signing deals or contracts; making lands and house deals; education or learning activities.Good for travel (especially over water); bike riding; acquiring new vehicles and recreational ventures. Good for meditation, yoga and spiritual practices in general and science. Ideal sign to negotiate and sign contracts and be finically assertive (especially with metals or silver). Good for the study of arts and sciences such as astrology; medicine; healing; rejuvenation and life enhancing activities and visiting the seaside. Good sign for things involving the media, media events, broadcasting, technologies or technological activities sciences. Also good for doing work to improve or bring up the value or quality of home, dwellings or lands. Business transactions are more favourable under this sign.

Naming practices[edit]

Under the ancient traditional Hindu principle of naming individuals according to their birthstar (see Jyotiṣa), the following Sanskrit syllables correspond with this Nakshatra, and would belong at the beginning of a first name:

  • Go (Devanagari: गो)
  • Sa (Devanagari:सा)
  • Si (Devanagari:सी)
  • Su (Devanagari:सू)[2]


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