List of South Korean films of 1977

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A list of films produced in South Korea in 1977:

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Gate Yu Hyun-mok
Iodo Kim Ki-young Lee Hwa-shi
Night Voyage Kim Soo-yong
Toward That High Place Im Won-shik
Winter Woman Kim Ho-sun
A World Without Mom Lee Won-se Kim Jae-seong
Japanese Invasion in the Year
of Imjin and Gye Wol-hyang

임진란과 계월향(임진왜란과 계월향)
Imjinlangwa Gye Wolhyang
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
High School Champ
고교 우량아
Gogyo ulyang-a
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Mischief's Marching Song
Jeong Yun-hui[1]


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