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The Southside (Irish: Taobh Ó Dheas) is not an official administrative area but a colloquial term referring to the area of County Dublin bounded to the north by the River Liffey to the east by Dublin Bay, to the south and west by the boundaries of County Dublin. Since 1994, the former County Dublin area is divided into three administrative counties, two of which South Dublin and Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown relate to the Southside. Its counterpart is the Northside.

Areas of the Southside[edit]

The Southside includes Dublin city centre south of the Liffey, including Grafton Street and other notable streets, and also inner city areas such as The Liberties / The Coombe and Temple Bar.

Beyond the city centre, the Southside (in the geographical sense) includes the districts named here, most of the names being old, though many were until recent times rural townlands:

Notable Southsiders[edit]

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