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A stop light party, stoplight party, traffic light ball or traffic light party is a party at which guests wear different colors indicating their relationship-seeking status.[1] They are very common around Valentine's Day and in September around the beginning of the school semester.[1]


Usually, the color green means that one is single and looking for a relationship. Red means that one is in a relationship, or not looking for one.[2] Yellow may mean "unsure" or "maybe," or could mean that one is in a relationship but still open to advances.[3] The purpose of a stop light party is to decrease the apprehension associated with approaching potential mates at parties. It also serves the purpose of providing an easy indicator of one's unavailability, to fend off unwelcome advances. The color codes derive from the traffic light signal colors indicating red for stop, yellow for caution/slow down, and green for go.


Guests at a stop light party might wear different-colored shirts based on sexual orientation. White shirts are often bisexual or gay, or incorporate stop light colors into their apparel.[1]


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