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"She is one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in South Asia, especially India." This statement requires explanation. ImmortalWizard(chat) 19:11, 4 January 2019 (UTC)

How is that not a reasonable statement, given what's pointed to by the relevant citation, by her being awarded the Bharat Ratna, being considered one of the greatest Indians (10th greatest, after Gandhi's taken out, by one poll, IIRC), etc. Dhtwiki (talk) 00:22, 5 January 2019 (UTC)


1962/3 poisoning incident is covered in Aisa Kahan Se Laaoon, a biography by Hindi writer Padma Sachdev. The incident was earlier covered in a documentary series interview of Lata for Channel 4 in 1991 titled Lata Mangeshkar...In Her Own Voice by Nasreen Munni Kabir. The documentary was later published as a book.[1][2]

The article and sources narrate the incident following way: In early 1962, Mangeshkar was given slow poison. A doctor was called. He came with an x-ray machine to examine her, and gave her an injection to render her unconscious, because she was in pain. For three days, she had a close brush with death. After ten days, she began to recover. The doctor told her that somebody had given her slow poison. The slow poison incident rendered her very weak. She was bedridden for nearly 3 months. The most surprising thing was that soon after the incident, the cook who used to work at Lata's home, suddenly vanished without taking his wages. The cook had earlier worked with some Bollywood people. Bollywood lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri used to regularly visit Lata at her home daily at 6 pm. Majrooh used to first taste the food and then allow Lata to eat. He used to recite poems and stories to keep Lata in good humour.
By reading the incident, it seem dubious because her cook vanished and it seem that she did not filed any police complaint in response to a "conspiracy" to murder her with slow-poisoning. The incident seems like it was an incident of food poisoning and her cook left because he was responsible for the food. I doubt that if there was any serious slow-poison murder conspiracy. The news stories seem sensationalism to me. I will not remove the text without opinions of the other editors. The text in the article is copyvio from IndiaTV source so need to be rewritten at least.-Nizil (talk) 14:45, 4 February 2019 (UTC)
The interview is available in parts on YouTube - Part 1. Someone need to watch whole interview to assess the incident.-Nizil (talk) 14:53, 4 February 2019 (UTC)