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Television in North Korea is subject to the Central Committee of Radio and Television of DPRK.

Techological data[edit]

Television in North Korea uses a PAL 576i analog signal transmission system and 4:3 screen resolution. The main signal transmission means it is terrestrial broadcasting, but Pyongyang has its own cable TV.[1] Also, the three major television channels, Korean Central Television, Mansudae and Ryongnamsan, as of 2014, are available in a special app found in Samjiyon tablet computer.[2]

Television channels[edit]

As of August 15, 2015, there are four television channels in North Korea. All are state-owned.

Korean Central Television[edit]

This is the oldest television channel in North Korea, and it started regular broadcasting in 1963. As of 2015, it's the only North Korean TV channel having access to the Internet and satellite broadcasting; KCTV has its own channel on YouTube (closedown) and page on Facebook. Satellite broadcasting is done in HD-quality in 16:9 format[3]

Mansudae Television[edit]

Mansudae Television broadcasts educational material with the occasional advert at weekends [4] to Pyongyang, and opened on December 1, 1973. The Mansudae TV Broadcasting Station broadcasts 3 hours (19:00–22:00) on Saturdays, and 9 hours (10:00–13:00, 16:00–22:00) on Sundays.[citation needed]

Ryongnamsan Television[edit]

Ryongnamsan Television (formerly Kaesong Television from 1971 till 1997 and Korean Educational and Cultural Network from 1997 till 2012)[5] is an educational channel.

Sport Television[edit]

Sport Television is the sport TV channel established on August 15, 2015[6] and is also the newest station to be opened.

Pyongyang TV Tower[edit]

VHF plan of Pyongyang TV Tower (2013):[2]

VHF TV channel
5 Mansudae Television
9 Ryongnamsan Television
12 Korean Central Television
25 n.a.
31 n.a.

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