The Andy Warhol Story

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The Andy Warhol Story
Directed byAndy Warhol
Produced byAndy Warhol
StarringEdie Sedgwick
Rene Ricard
Distributed byThe Factory
Release date
November 1966
Running time
20 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Andy Warhol Story is a 1966 underground film directed by Andy Warhol with cinematography by Paul Morrissey, and starring Edie Sedgwick and Rene Ricard (as Andy Warhol).[1]

According to the Warhol Stars website, the film was made in November 1966, and is two reels long.[2]


Andy Warhol (Rene Ricard) invites a friend (Edie Sedgwick) over to his apartment one evening to discuss his career. As they talk, the truth about how Warhol uses and then throws people away comes out. The woman begins to come undone and reveals to Warhol how he ruined her life with drugs and false promises of fame.


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