The Devil and Miss Prym

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The Devil and Miss Prym
Author Paul B. Coelho
Original title O Demônio e a Srta. Prym
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese
Genre Novel
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages 205 pp (Paperback)
ISBN 0-00-711605-5
OCLC 59407077

The Devil and Miss Prym (Portuguese: O Demônio e a Srta. Prym) is a novel by Paulo Coelho first published in Brazil in 2000.

Plot summary[edit]

For almost fifteen years, old Berta had spent every day sitting outside, watching over the little village of Viscos and talking with her deceased husband. She is waiting for the devil to come, as her husband predicted.

One day a stranger with a tragic past arrives with the intention of staying one week in the village and he buries 11 bars of gold in the woods. On the way back he meets the young barmaid Chantal Prym, who is bored of the idyllic scenery and slow pace of life. Regularly she seduces tourists in the hope that one of them will prove to be her escape route. The stranger shows her the buried treasure and promises that it will belong to the villagers if they agree to kill someone.

A battle follows within the young woman follows between her angel and her devil. After some days, she decides to tell the villagers what the stranger has proposed, trusting that they will refuse. The people's reaction, however, plants the seed of doubt inside Chantal. Now she fears for her own life. As an act of desperation, she plans to abandon Viscos with one of the stranger's bars. Destiny sends a rogue wolf, which threatens Chantal's life, but she escapes with the stranger.

Meanwhile the villagers assemble to choose their victim. The scapegoat they choose is Berta, since she is already old and serves no purpose in the village. Before the villagers shoot a sedated Berta, Chantal convinces them that under no circumstances is murder justified. In the end the stranger receives the answers to his questions through a brief conversation between St. Savin and the Arab Leader Abah.