The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock

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The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
Studio album by Buckethead
Released February 17, 2006 (tour only)
May 8, 2006 [1]
Genre Heavy metal, experimental rock, alternative metal, funk metal, experimental metal
Length 47:14
Label TDRS Music
Producer Dan Monti and Albert
Buckethead chronology
Inbred Mountain
The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
Crime Slunk Scene

The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock is the seventeenth studio album by Buckethead, originally released as his third tour only CD, until it was made available widely through TDRS Music. Along with the album Crime Slunk Scene, this album went out of print in early February of 2012, and has yet to be repressed.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Buckethead and Dan Monti

No. Title Length
1. "Thai Fighter Swarm"   2:32
2. "Final Wars"   4:08
3. "Baseball Furies"   2:38
4. "Elephant Man's Alarm Clock"   3:21
5. "Lurker at the Threshold Part 1" (Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft) 3:51
6. "Lurker at the Threshold Part 2"   2:05
7. "Lurker at the Threshold Part 3"   2:12
8. "Lurker at the Threshold Part 4"   1:31
9. "Oakridge Cake" (Tribute to Kool Keith) 3:28
10. "Gigan"   2:29
11. "Droid Assembly"   3:14
12. "Bird with a Hole in the Stomach"   4:47
13. "Fizzy Lipton Drinks"   10:58
Total length:


  • Tracks 5-8, "Lurker at the Threshold", is a tribute to H. P. Lovecraft's book of the same name. When combined, the total length of the tracks is 9:38.
  • Parts of the song "Gigan" appears on the song "At Any Cost" from the album Living on Another Frequency by Science Faxtion. Also, the drum track of the song was used on 2009's Forensic Follies.
  • Track 13, "Fizzy Lipton Drinks", is a reference to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory's "Fizzy-Lifting Drinks". "FLD" ends at 3:14 followed by silence until 6:16 at which point an unnamed hidden track begins and leads to the end of the album.
  • The entire album is instrumental (per usual Buckethead), however a small interesting fact is that at approximately 3:45 of "Bird With a Hole in the Stomach", Bootsy Collins can be heard in the background yelling "Hit Me!", followed by a funky bass breakdown. These are the only "lyrics" on the album. This same clip of Bootsy Collin's voice can be found on the song "Digger's Den" on the Bucketheadland 2 album.


  • Produced, programmed and mixed by Dan Monti.
  • Co-production by Albert.
  • Cover art by Bryan Theiss.


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