The Garden of Sinners: Remaining Sense of Pain

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The Garden of Sinners: Remaining Sense of Pain
Directed by Mitsuru Obunai
Produced by
  • Atsuhiro Iwakami
  • Hikaru Kondo
Screenplay by Masaki Hiramatsu
Story by Kinoko Nasu
Based on Kara no Kyōkai
by Kinoko Nasu
Music by
Distributed by Aniplex
Release date
  • February 9, 2008 (2008-02-09)
Running time
57 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

The Garden of Sinners: Remaining Sense of Pain (空の境界 第三章 痛覚残留, Kara no Kyōkai Dai-Sanshō: Tsūkaku Zanryū) is a 2008 Japanese animated film produced by ufotable based on the Kara no Kyōkai novels by Kinoko Nasu. It is the third installment in the series, preceded by A Study in Murder – Part 1 (2007) and followed by The Hollow Shrine (2008).


A teenaged girl, Fujino Asagami, is being raped by a street gang in an abandoned bar. One night, Mikiya finds a confused Fujino crouched in an alley and noticing she is suffering from pain in her abdomen. Mikiya brings her to his apartment where she falls asleep. The next morning, Mikiya notices Fujino is gone, and at the same time, the news reports a murder scene in an abandoned underground bar where the victims' corpses were found with their limbs torn off.

Later, inside Toko's office, Mikiya rants to Toko about not having his monthly salary paid because she spent her money on a Victorian ouija board. Toko talks to Shiki about the murder scene and asks Shiki to capture a suspected perpetrator per a client's request. Shiki, confident she will recognize the suspect because of their killing intentions, leaves without reading the suspect's background information. Shiki claims they will try to kill each other the moment they meet.

Mikiya asks his friend Gakutō to lend him money. Gakutō accepts, but in return asks Mikiya to help him find Keita Minato, a friend who was acquainted with Mikiya during his high school days. Fujino is shown dialing Keita's phone, but Keita does not answer while he is cowering frightened. Later, elsewhere, Fujino is dismembering someone without actually touching him while asking for Keita's location. In another scene, Mikiya's sister, Azaka Kokuto, is chatting with Fujino in a cafe and Shiki approaches Azaka to tell her Mikiya will not come to see her. Shiki notices Fujino and stares at her with killing intent, but Fujino does not respond. Thus, Shiki does not recognize Fujino as the suspect at that time.

Some nights later, Fujino is dismembering another victim (In the novels, the victim was a friend of Keita who tricked Fujino saying he knew where she could find Keita, but in reality he wanted to rape her). The moment Fujino kills him, Shiki appears to confront her stating that Fujino is similar to her because of her bloodthirst. As Shiki and Fujino get ready to fight, a sudden change in Fujino's character occurs that makes Shiki no longer desire a fight and leaves. A flashback in Fujino's childhood reveals her playing with a knife along with her toys, seemingly injured and bleeding. However, she continued playing as if she did not feel any pain. Back to the present, Fujino calls Keita's number, saying she is finally feeling pain and therefore feeling alive. But she does not want Keita, the only survivor of the bar's crime scene, to tell everyone she is a murderer, as she wants to live normally, and speaks of her intent to kill him.

Mikiya was with Keita listening to Fujino's phone call. Keita reveals he and his friends have gang raped Fujino for some time, but she did not show any signs of pain or emotion except recently when she was hit in the lower back by one of Keita's friends. Mikiya is disgusted by how Keita and his gang treated Fujino, but he still helps him by bringing him back to Toko's office for protection.

Mikiya then intends to talk to Fujino to stop her quest of revenge. Toko tells him that Keita confessed that his friend stabbed Fujino in her abdomen on the night of the murders and that actually triggered her desire to kill. However, Shiki, when she first met Fujino, noticed she did not have any wounds. She states that the pain is still inside Fujino's body, and she would resort to killing to relieve the pain. Mikiya leaves to investigate Fujino's past.

One night, a driver is about to accidentally crash into Fujino, but is murdered before that happens. Shiki decides she must stop Fujino. A flashback scene shows that Fujino, with an injured leg, once met Mikiya years ago. As Fujino does not feel any pain, Mikiya thinks she is hiding her pain and tells her that pain is something that needs to be spoken about.

Mikiya discovers that initially, Fujino was able to feel pain, but her father (revealed to be her step father in the novels) artificially sealed her ability to feel pain in order to suppress her telekinetic powers. Toko then deduces that Fujino was never stabbed in the first place, but she was indeed feeling pain the moment she was about to be stabbed. Her real pain is caused by an untreated and ruptured appendix, and Toko concludes Fujino does not have much time left to live.

Shiki confronts Fujino on a newly constructed bridge that is sealed off, this time both wishing to defeat one another since Fujino can feel pain and joy from killing. During the fight, Shiki's left arm is twisted and rendered useless by Fujino's power. After constantly fleeing from Fujino's attacks, Shiki is finally able to 'see' through her telekinesis and able to 'cut' them with her 'Mystic Eyes of Death Perception'. Just before being delivered the final blow, Fujino uses her acquired 'clairvoyance' to destroy the entire bridge without the need to actually see her surroundings. An injured and agonizing Fujino tries to escape, realizing her desire to live and love towards Mikiya (and in the novels, her mother). She is found by Shiki who bends down and stabs her.

Mikiya and Toko find Shiki outside of the bridge, who tells them Fujino lost her sensitivity to pain in the end and lost the desire to kill her. Instead, Shiki cut through Fujino's illness. Toko tells Shiki she will replace her left arm with a puppet arm capable of grasping spiritual embodiments. Mikiya calls a medical team to treat Fujino.

In the end, Mikiya confesses to Shiki that he is concerned about Fujino, whose acts will haunt her mind and continue hurting her. Despite the terrible things she had done, she was more human than the gang who abused her. Mikiya also confesses he will stay by Shiki's side, by which Shiki also confesses she feels a small, 'special' murderous intent towards Mikiya'.[1]



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