Patriarchate Court, Sremski Karlovci

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The Patriarchate Court

The Patriarchate Court ([Патријаршијски двор, Patrijaršijski dvor] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) is a listedt historical building which was the seat of the Patriarchate of Karlovci between 1848 and 1920, in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia.

The palace was built between the 1892 and 1895, by the project of Serbian architect Vladimir Nikolić, where once the "Pasha's Konak" was located. "Pasha's Konak" was the first residence of the head of the Serbian Church after transferring from the Archbishopric of Peć to Sremski Karlovci. Metropolitan Stefan Stratimirović established a fund in 1817 to raise funds for the construction of the palace, which was built during the reign of Metropolitan Georgije II Branković. Construction of the palace in the style of Italian palaces was entrusted to contractors Peklo Bela and Karlo Lerer. Royal Chapel was painted by Uroš Predić. The basis of the palace is in the form of the Cyrillic letter S, with the porte-cochère in the middle. Above the entrance, there is the royal chapel, which was covered with a hemisphere dome with lantern on top. The main facade has a forward side with Rizal emphasized in the level of the first-floor columns, pilasters, which is the amount of Attica architraves triangular ends, and central Rizal is highlighted with three windows that are bigger than others, a terrace and front entrance where the stairs to the side of stone sculptures set of two lions. On the same facade with a series of seventeen window openings with semicircular endings. Window opens the main facade gives rhythm and uniformity, and shallow pilasters with Ionic consoles and rail under the window of mass, this facade give cheerfulness. The central rizal is highlighted on the roof top observation post which is. The Patriarchy Cour is not only the administrative seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church, but also treasures which are stored valuables, works of art, icons, portraits of the major metropolitan and church dignitaries, different objects of applied arts and library of rare and valuable manuscripts and old printed books. Within the palace, a treasury is open to the public with a permanent display of objects from the eighteenth and nineteenth century from the destroyed churches in Bosnia and Croatia. The complex is surrounded by a high fence, combining bricks and cast iron.

The Patriarchate Court garden

Today, the building is a permanent residence of the Bishop of Srem and a summer residence of Serbian Patriarch and also a home to the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The building and the park is immaculately maintained. Palace is a monument of exceptional importance, and on the list of the Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance.

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