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The Scarecrow, also referred to as The Wicked Trilogy, is a story composed of three music albums by Tobias Sammet's rock opera project Avantasia. The story started with their 2008 release The Scarecrow and was concluded with their 2010 albums The Wicked Symphony and Angel of Babylon.[1]


The story behind the Scarecrow albums is largely open to interpretation. Tobias Sammet has stated "I don't wanna ruin the myth. It's not possible to tell the story like a fairytale. I can't go "once upon a time" because it's not as simple as that. You don't have to understand the story, you have to feel it." [2] The booklets of The Scarecrow and The Wicked Symphony provide an overview of the setting and protagonist and an interview in the special edition of "The Wicked Trilogy" details the characters portrayed by the guest musicians. The rest is left for the listener to interpret.

"The Scarecrow is a tragic story of a lonesome creature, emotionally isolated from his environment and suffering from a distorted sensory perception. His feelings for the love of his life unrequited, he sets off on a journey exploring the left-hand path, striving for inner peace, sloughing his way to approval and eventually facing temptation at the inner depths of the human soul..." - The Scarecrow booklet
"It's a tragedy about getting caught between two worlds. Here are the good intentions, visions, the dream of creating something divine and pure that is meant to result in love. And there you've got the demons that go along with the acclaim and approval that all of us vain and proud creatures mistakenly might call love sometimes...The scarecrow is you, the scarecrow is me..." - The Wicked Symphony booklet[3]




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