Thni Kong Tnua

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Thni Kong Tnua
天公坛 (Simplified Chinese)
天公壇 (Traditional Chinese)
Thni Kong Tnua, Air Itam, Penang.jpg
Thni Kong Tnua is located in George Town
Thni Kong Tnua
Location in Air Itam, George Town. The purple zone denotes the city's UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Basic information
Location Penang Hill, Air Itam, George Town
Geographic coordinates 5°24′35″N 100°16′38″E / 5.409697°N 100.277133°E / 5.409697; 100.277133Coordinates: 5°24′35″N 100°16′38″E / 5.409697°N 100.277133°E / 5.409697; 100.277133
Affiliation Taoism
Deity Jade Emperor
Municipality Penang Island
State Penang
Architectural description
Architectural style Chinese
Completed 1869
Direction of façade East

Thni Kong Tnua, or the Jade Emperor's Pavilion, is a Taoist temple at the foot of Penang Hill at the Air Itam suburb in George Town, Penang. Completed in 1869, it is the only temple in Malaysia to be built specifically for the worship of the Jade Emperor (Hokkien: Thiⁿ-kong) and becomes a focal point for the annual Jade Emperor's Birthday celebrations on the ninth day of Chinese New Year.[1][2]

The temple, located near the Penang Hill Railway station, was also famously featured in Episode 8 of The Amazing Race 16.

The temple was built in the 1860s by members of the ethnic Chinese Hokkien community in Malaysia and underwent a restoration beginning in 2002.[3][4]

Outside view of Thni Kong Tnua
Interior view of Thni Kong Tnua


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