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Toki Yorinari (土岐 頼芸, 1502 – 1582), also known as Toki Yoriaki,[1] was a Japanese samurai warrior of in the Sengoku period. He was shugo of Mino Province.[2] He may be equivalent to Toki Yoshiyori (土岐 頼芸, 1502 – 1583), also described as a Japanese samurai warrior of in the Sengoku period.[3]

Yoshiyori was a son of Toki Masafusa.[3] After the death of his father, Yoshiyori became head of Toki clan in Mino Province. He built Ōkuwa Castle.[3]


Yoshinari was forced out of Mino by Saitō Dōsan.[2]

Yorinari was the father of Toki Jirō who was killed by Saitō.[2]

Yoshiyori was the father of Toki Yoshitatsu (1527-1561), who went into exile in 1542.[4]

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